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The AFC West Is The Laughing-Stock


With the Broncos having the week off, Adam over at Arrowhead Addict did the AFC West Breakdown this week. I’ll resume my duties in week 9. As for what Adam had to say about the Broncos:

"“Looking Back: The Broncos bye week fell at the perfect time, because they were banged up as hell. Brandon, Marshall, Jay Cutler, Selvin Young, Tony Scheffler and others benefited from the off week. The Broncos also needed a week to regather that offensive magic and completely start from scratch defensively. The good news is that they remain in first place.Looking Forward: The Broncos draw a schizo Miami Dolphins team at Mile High at Invesco. While I like the Broncos’ chances, thinking about that D trying to contain the Wildcat offense is scary than any chainsaw-wielding madman you’ll see at your local haunted house this Halloween. Nonetheless, expect Cutler and Marshall to rebound and carry Mike Shanahan’s squad to victory.”"

For the rest of Adam’s AFC West Breakdown, click here.

It’s a good thing the Broncos are part of the AFC Worst. The AFC West and NFC West are the two worst divisions in the league. With losing streaks across the board in the AFC West, it’s about time for the teams in this division to start playing each other again. Put the 4-3 Broncos in the NFC East and they be tied with the Eagles for last place. Instead they remain in first place with a game and a half lead over the Chargers. Oh, how sweet it is to play in the AFC West.