Broncos’ News And A Question For Fans

By Editorial Staff

Elvis Dumervil writes in his blog about Reggie Bush: “He was a lot better than I thought he was going to be.” 

– Center Tom Nalen was placed on the injured reserve list ending his season with the Broncos. After 15 years in the league that could be the end of his career too. The team also waived safety Hamza Abdullah and signed Vernon Fox.

– What theme song do you think best represents the Broncos season so far? The Angry T thinks it’s John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High. They came up with songs for all 32 teams and I must say…they’re very accurate.  

Jason Elam is still a Denver fan. Kicker Matt Prater sent Elam a text message before he kicked for the first time in Oakland to ask for advice.  

Shannon Sharpe believes the 96′-98′ offense can take the 08′ offense. 

– The Broncos are 32nd in the league in pass defense. How does that happen with Champ Bailey and Dre Bly?

– I’m convinced that Brandon Marshall will eventually be the best receiver in the league. Call him Baby T.O., call him a Freak of Nature, but don’t take him away from Mike Shanahan right now.

– Adam over at Arrowhead addict posed this question to his readers:  “Which current or former Bronco [player or personnel] do you hate the most?” A lot of votes for Shannon Sharpe and Mike Shanahan over there. My answer would be Travis Henry because he was only there for the money and that’s it. Doesn’t have any understanding as to what it means to be a professional athlete. Anyway, P.O. readers, I’m going to flip the question and ask you:

Which current or former Chief do you hate the most???