The AFC Is A Soap Opera

By Editorial Staff

The NFC is so predictable this year. The Giants and Cowboys are 3-0. The Rams and Lions are winless and might as well stay home on Sundays to mow the lawn. And Chris Cooley of the Redskins is still crazy. A pretty typical season in the NFC.

The AFC is a different story. Who would’ve thought that three weeks into the season the only undefeated AFC teams would be the Broncos, Bills, and Titans. The Chargers are 0-2, and Matt Cassel’s (???) Patriots lost to Bill Parcells’ Dolphins. I’m still convinced that Cassel is a better singer than he is a QB and that says a lot. What happened to Peyton Manning? Fans are picking younger bro, Eli to start over Peyton in their fantasy leagues now a days. Chad Johnson should be singing the “I want out of Cincinnati” tune any day now, and Lane Kiffin will be parting ways with Al Davis faster than the Broncos can say “lady luck.” It’s a wild division and like luggage in an airplane, anything can happen “in flight” to shift your belongings and cause your shampoo to explode all over your clothes. Players get hurt, have bad games, and referees miss calls sending one team home with the “W” and one team home one more game below .500.

We’re only three weeks into the season, so it’s tough to predict winners and losers. But I’ll let you in on a little secret: The Broncos will be 4-0 next week after beating the Chiefs. After all, Arrowhead Addict is already campaigning for Michael Vick  in 2009 (hide your dogs, Kansas City residents) and they’ve got a “draft watch” going the day after their week 3 loss to Atlanta. Chalk up another mark in the win column this Monday morning because week 4 is as good as won!