NFL’s Best/Worst Fan Bases

By Editorial Staff

The 08′-09′ NFL season begins tonight with the New York Giants taking on the Washington Redskins. My fantasy team is set and my picks are in for the weekly football pool that I’m in. Honestly, it feels like Christmas morning! Fans around the country are just as excited about the start of their team’s season, and MSN even came out with the league’s best/worst fan bases. It’s no surprise to me that three of the four AFC West teams made it into the best category. The only AFC West team not to make it is expected to go to the Super Bowl this year. Great. Glad to see their fans get that perk. Anyway, here’s MSN’s list:

The Best

10. Dallas Cowboys

9. Chicago Bears

8. Buffalo Bills

7. Denver Broncos – “Always in the top five for attendance, especially with the hazardous weather Mile High has to offer, Broncos fans also do quite a bit of traveling to see their team. I’ve attended Broncos’ away games that are one-third filled by Denver fans. That being said, they do have the dumbest “fan participation” since “The Wave.” Whenever the opposing QB throws an incompletion, the crowd stands up and screams at the top of their lungs, “IN-COM-PLETE.” After about the fifth time you hear it, you start to question Denver’s football IQ. Are they doing it because some of the fans are a little slow, or are they trying to annoy the other team’s QB by razzing him with the dumbest response ever invented?”

It’s clearly a way to annoy the other team’s QB. Plus, what other word allows fans to drag out the other team’s mistake? “You suck” just doesn’t carry the same tune.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers

5. Green Bay Packers

4. Cleveland Browns

3. Oakland Raiders

2. Kansas City Chiefs

1. Philadelphia Eagles

The Worst

5. Detroit Lions

4. New England Patriots

3. Atlanta Falcons

2. Arizona Cardinals

1. Jacksonville Jaguars