NFL Players Write Home

By Editorial Staff

What did you do when you were a kid and went off to camp for the summer? Besides swimming in questionably clean lakes and eating partially cooked meatloaf, you probably wrote letters to loved ones back home. It could be possible that football players do the same thing when they’re in summer camp. Hugging Harold Reynolds came up with postcards that AFC West players/personnel wrote to their loved ones. Check out this postcard from Selvin Young to NFL Scouts.

I’ve created more NFL related summer camp letters:

From Peyton Manning to Eli Manning:

"“Bro,I hope you are having fun in camp. I miss mom and dad. Keep eating those double-stuffed Oreos, and we’ll take over the world.”"

From Brandon Marshall and Adam “Pacman” Jones to Roger Goodell:

"“Chief,We love practicing against each other in camp. The competition is great and the Denver nightlife weather is even better. People are friendly and cops coaches actually think we are respectable young men. We are turning over a new bud, leaf, er, we are working hard to stay out of trouble.”"

From Brett Favre to the Green Bay Packers:

"“Cheese Heads,NY is nice. It’s much different than Green Bay. I’ve been to a couple of Broadway shows and I even took a Bikram yoga class. My downward dog may have looked like a red-faced old man bending down to look for a contact lens, but “hot” yoga is where it’s at. Tell Aaron I said hello, and please forward all my mail to my new NY address. Thanks.”"

From Chad Johnson to Chad Johnson:


"Man, you are the best receiver in the league. Why is your paycheck not bigger? Like Rodney Dangerfield, you get no respect! Maybe if you change your name to Ocho-Cinco, things will change. Love you, man!”"

From Tony Romo to Jessica Simpson:

"“Hey Babe,"

"Camp is going well, but I miss you and your dad like crazy! Have we come up with plans for Thanksgiving yet? I’m pretty sure I have a game, but that will only take up a few hours of the day. My roommate, T.O., says hello. I keep telling him that he should invest in some deodorant. Our room smells like cooked broccoli, Old Spice, and bad milk combined into one large trash bag. Got to run to practice.”"

From Michael Phelps to the NFL:


"I’m still in Beijing right now wrapping up my last two gold medal races, but I am thinking about my future. I’ve done everything possible in the swimming realm, and I would now like to play in the NFL. I may shave my entire body and wear spandex, but don’t let that sway your decision. I would match up well with T.O. and Randy Moss, and your ratings would go up. Please!!! Let’s talk when I get back from China.”"