Brandon Marshall as Baby T.O.

By Editorial Staff

The trash talking has started between the Broncos and the Cowboys. The two teams practiced together yesterday and Adam “Pacman” Jones fired the first shot at Brandon Marshall. He said Marshall is “nowhere near” as talented as Terrell Owens. Well, no shit Adam! T.O.’s the best in the league. He knows it and so does everyone else.

Marshall’s response to Jones: a piece of tape on his shoulder pads that read “21’s No Champ,” referring to Jones’ number. This friendly banter reflects their relationship off the field. The two have spent time in Atlanta together.

It appears that Marshall got the best of Jones yesterday when he shook him to catch several passes.

In other news, the Broncos new/young offensive line needs to improve quickly if they expect to live up to the legacy of past offensive lines.

Jay Cutler has someone he can relate to. Broncos QB coach, Wade Wilson, was diagnosed with type I diabetes at 25 years old just like Cutler. Wilson was entering his third season as the Vikings QB when he was diagnosed, and he played for 19 years in the NFL.  

Finally, lists the 10 Most Anticlimactic Career Endings, and Tony Dorsett made the list ending his career with the Broncos. He recorded his second worst season in 1988 with the team.