Elway Wants To Come Back Too


Totally kidding, but what’s more believable? The return of John Elway or Brett Favre leaving Green Bay?

Just because the league welcomes you back doesn’t mean you can just throw on your old jersey and get to work. That’s what Brett Favre learned today at what was supposed to be his “first” day of Packers training camp. Favre was seen leaving the training facility just before the Packers started their practice. Fans were not amused, and question marks still remain.

Favre said:

"“We’re at a stalemate. [Coach] Mike [McCarthy] and I both agreed last night that me being out there is a distraction and will continue to be a distraction. We all know the reason I’m here is because the commissioner reinstated me so we have a lot of things to figure out. It’s simple and complicated, both at the same time.”"

It looks like Favre will begin talks with the Tampa Bay Bucs today, but what happened to talks with the Vikings? I would love to see him in this uniform.

Do you buy the Brett Favre – Pamela Anderson comparison that Bush League.tv did? Here’s their take:

“Don’t get me wrong I really like both of these people, just not as much as I like not hearing about them anymore. Unless your name is John Madden or Tommy Lee there are no reasons to have these people in our lives.

Brett Favre has officially decided he plays for the Brett Favre Packers. He couldn’t care less about anything but himself. The Packers tried to pay him a reported $25M JUST TO GO AWAY! Favre said no thanks I’ll get much more attention from turning the Packers season into a car crash.

Speaking of car crashes…our fave Hep C battler, Pam Anderson is now starring in a show called “Pam: Girl On The Loose” where she confessed, “Some people are afraid of being filmed. I think I’m afraid of not being filmed.” No kidding. Her career arc is Playboy, Baywatch, paparazzi, Playboy, court room camera, PETA rally, Playboy, sex tape, court room camera, Playboy, paparazzi, Playboy, Playboy…”