Broncos First Day Of Camp


This post is dedicated to the dude wearing the Colts t-shirt at Broncos camp today.

A few sideline observations from today’s first practice:

– Players that impressed me the most –

1. WR Glenn Martinez – impressed the crowd with some tough catches from Cutler.

2. Eddie Royal – believe me when I tell you that this guy is fast. He had a couple of solid catches against Hamza Abdullah when the offense and defense went up against each other. He’s still got a lot to learn about protecting the ball though.

3. ALL of the backs – I’m convinced Michael Pittman is a vet in a rookie’s body. Selvin Young had some swift cuts and explosive speed fifteen yards past the line of scrimmage. Andre Hall left John Lynch standing in the dust. Ryan Torain proved that he can compete with the vets for playing time. It’s a true battle at this spot.   

4. Ryan Clady – the sheer size of him on the offensive line is a sight to behold. No question why he went as the Broncos #1 pick (12th overall). Our backs should have a great year because of “Sweet Feet.” Living up to his nickname, Clady even did a little gig before team stretches.

– Other observations –

1. Brandon Marshall – made some spectacular catches, but also dropped some easy stuff from Cutler. Maybe Marshall was a little winded.

2. Niko Koutouvides – looked like he was ready to start at middle linebacker.

3. Marcus Thomas – after a false start during drills, DT Thomas got an ear-full from defensive line coach, Bill Johnson. The team must be focusing on decreasing the number stupid penalties this year. 

4. Mike Shanahan – still looks lean and mean, but that didn’t stop him from inviting a 3 year-old out onto the field to catch a few balls.