The Broncos Top Choices


Ryan Clady claims that he is now somewhere between 318 and 320 lbs, and he will still dunk on you. However, thankfully, basketball is not his sport. Clady turned to football at the age of 13 when his mother suffered a massive heart attack and died. He quit playing football at the age of 10 because he was tired of being forced to cut weight, but with the passing of his mother he took it up again in high school. It’s a good thing he did because he was the 2nd OT picked in this year’s draft, and the first ever player from Boise State to be drafted in the first round.

Eddie Royal is a bright guy. He has been studying tape of the Bears’ Devin Hester ever since Hester played in college at Miami. Hopefully, that time in front of the tube pays dividends for our new punt/kick returner ( Last year at Virginia Tech, he racked up 33 catches for 496 yards and 4 TDs. His numbers at receiver are not all that impressive, but his speed is. Like Shanahan said, “anytime you take a kickoff and punt returner, you really don’t have to teach that.”

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