Broncos Drama: Cutler Upset With Marshall


“He’s not my favorite person right now. I support him, but it’s always something with him right now and you can’t have that. It’s disappointing. We wanted to get a lot of work in this summer and he was  going to be a big part of that…Hopefully, this is the last thing we’re going to hear about him for a while.”

Broncos’ QB Jay Cutler on Brandon Marshall’s injury (Denver

Sure, as a quarterback it must be disappointing to not have your leading receiver at your disposal in the off season. It must be horible to know that you don’t have your man until training camp because he sliced his arm so severely that it required surgery. It must also be mind numbing to know that this same dude sustained the injury due to horseplaying with his brother resulting in a fall into a television set.

I couldn’t feel for your more Jay Cutler. You are trying to get your career off the ground by working hard in the off season, and Brandon Marshall has put your progress in reverse with his dumb actions. This is not the first mishap by Marshall. He was arreseted for driving under the influence in October of last year, and almost a year ago, he had charges of assault and false imprisonment placed on him after an argument with his girlfriend. Marshall has said that he needs to grow up, but maybe he needs you and the rest of the Broncos to pound that into his head a little more.