Mile High Salute To Favre


Brett Favre announced that he will be retiring today after 17 seasons in the NFL. Favre started 275 consecutive games for the Packers gathering a couple of championship rings and 3 MVP awards. Going beyond setting the record for TD passes and passing yards, his intuition and resilience are what really stuck out. He could go out there, throw a few interceptions, and then take the next snap with the same amount of confidence a touchdown would have brought. I think this video tells it all:

You don’t know how much pain it causes me to post this next video, but in honor of the Great Favre, I will. Here is a classic MNF game showing a 38 year old QB throwing a touchdown pass. Oh yeah, it’s his first play from scrimmage in overtime, and it’s against the Broncos. The Broncos give you the Mile High salute Brett Favre.