Woody Paige’s Off Season Suggestions for the Broncos


Maybe this should have been done in the Broncos organization last season to get players take their jobs more seriously. Check out this YouTube clip of a great prank pulled on Philadelphia Phillies pitcher, Kyle Kendrick: 

Speaking of trades, how about Woody Paige’s article in the Denver Post on what the Broncos should do in the off-season. Because offering Javon Walker, Travis Henry, and their first round draft pick to Cincinnati for Chad Johnson is out of the question, Paige offers the Broncos organization some other tips. He suggests trading down in the first round of the draft to get Clemson defensive end, Phillip Merling, and trading up in the second round to acquire Oklahoma linebacker, Curtis Lofton. I agree with those moves to strengthen the Broncos defense and give the Broncos secondary more opportunities to make big plays.

As far as defensive free agents, Paige suggests acquiring pass rusher, Corey Williams of the Packers, Champ’s younger brother, Boss Bailey, from the the Lions, and Lance Briggs from the Bears. Long shots, but one out of three wouldn’t be bad at all.

Now to the Broncos offense, which needs a few changes. Paige says that Cutler and tight ends, Daniel Graham/Tony Scheffler, are a good combo. As far as backs go, Travis Henry is very susceptible to injuries, and the Broncos offense allows for almost any back to succeed, so Paige says that the Broncos should use Selvin Young, and acquire another back in the fifth round of the draft. Again, I agree with his statements here. One thing I don’t agree with is keeping Javon Walker around. Why keep a player that doesn’t want to be there, and is a cancer to the team. Yes, he is making a ton of money as the #2 receiver behind Brandon Marshall, but the Broncos could find someone to replace him.

Among other suggestions that Paige makes, he says the Broncos should make the push to acquire free agent linemen, Alan Faneca and Max Starks of the Steelers. Starks would be a replacement for the retiring Matt Lepsis. What an improvement that would be to the Broncos offensive line. It would give them size, strength, and talent allowing Cutler more time in the pocket.

So, what do you think of Paige’s insight?