Super Bowl Prediction


New York Giants over New England: The world is waiting to see if the Patriots will crumble. They are the favorites, and should they lose, that perfect season will be crushed. It would be like building your dream house with a top builder, moving all of your furniture in after four months of construction, and then having a tornado hit it before you spend your first night there, only to start the rebuilding process seven months later.

Even Tom Brady feels the pressure saying, “I think it’s the biggest game of all of our lives — my life, the entire team, our coaches…” (Yahoo Sports).

There’s no doubt that Giants QB, Eli Manning, is also feeling the pressure. His older brother won it last year with the Colts and the city of New York has determined that Eli is “over his rough start.” However, the Giants didn’t finish the regular season with a perfect record like the Pats. In fact, they started it 0-2. They got into the playoffs as a wildcard team, and played all of their post season games on the road with one of them being against Brett Favre in Green Bay. If they haven’t defied the odds, then I don’t know who has. During the last game of the regular season, the Giants gave up a 12 point lead to the Pats. They were that close to crushing a perfect record. Well, today they have another chance to put a stop to New England’s perfection. This time, they will prevail because they know that Boston, a rival city, cannot take the title in every sport within a one year time period.