Hixon Could Not Have Predicted a SuperBowl Appearance in His Future


Domenik Hixon is going to the SuperBowl this year. Why is that so unusual? Well, he played for the Broncos this season.

The former Broncos kick and punt returner had a very rough start to the season. He was the player that was involved in Kevin Everett’s (Buffalo Bills) severe neck injury, and then he was cut after the fourth game of the season. The New York Giants signed Hixon, and after his team clinched a spot in the playoffs in Buffalo, he had the opportunity to meet Everett. Hixon said that the incident was on his mind all the time, and he wanted to speak with Everett. According to the NY Daily News, after the meeting, Hixon said “I won’t necessarily say it brought 100% closure…I just want to continue to see him get better.” 

Being cut by the Broncos was probably the best thing that could have happened to him. He returned a kickoff for a touchdown in the Giant’s final game of the season against the Patriots. He had another incredible game against Green Bay last night averaging 24.2 yards on five returns and recovering a fumbled Giants punt with approximately 2 minutes left in regulation.

After the NFC Championship game, Hixon said “wow, can you believe this? I have so many things running through my head right now. Incredible.”

Maybe Hixon was playing for Everett on some level. Maybe he was thinking about the day that he was cut from the Broncos. Maybe he was thinking that going to the SuperBowl would never happen to him this year. Now, Hixon knows that life is a process of ebbs and flows, and we often don’t plan the path we take.

H/T: Denver Post.com