Predictions and Analysis of Sunday’s Games


New England over San Diego: This pick is a no brainer. Unless Philip Rivers magically inherits some of Tom Brady’s arm and sense of the game, the Chargers will have to overcome an insurmountable deficit by halftime. Even though the media has tried to convince everyone that it will be a good match-up by playing up the Chargers trash talking, the game itself will be a joke. Although the Chargers defense has improved over the last 8 weeks giving up an average of 13.1 points per game, they have not played the Patriots at Foxboro recently. The Pats will not compromise their perfect season, NFL record in points (589), and Tom Brady and Randy Moss’s personal offensive records. Bill Belichick will see to that, and on Monday, New England fans will turn part of their attention back over to the Celtics until 2 weeks from now when the Pats are playing for the Lombardi Trophy in Arizona.

New York Giants over Green Bay: I know what you’re thinking. It’s almost impossible to win a playoff game at Lambeau in frigid temperatures. The Giants, however, continue to thrive on the road. It must be the air travel simplifying things for these guys. Because they are away from home, spending countless hours with their teammates over meetings, dinner, and maybe even a few episodes of Seinfeld, they feel like it is them against the world. Playing in Green Bay must make them feel like they are playing in a different world where the stadium stands right in a residential neighborhood, and fans show their green and yellow bellies despite single digit temperatures.  Brett Favre has a great supporting cast around him with the Green Bay receivers leading the league in yards after the catch. This should be an incredible game that will be talked about for ages.