Broncos Defense Looking Forward


With Jim Bates out of the picture, lets take a look at the Broncos new defensive coordinator. Bob Slowik, 53, has been in the league for nine seasons with four different teams. As a defensive assistant, Slowik usually stood quietly behind Bates offering words of encouragement only slightly louder than his normal speaking voice. Many players seem to be happy with their new defensive leader:

Nick Ferguson says, “one can lead without being fiery or overly energetic…You just have to get your point across to your players. Coach Slo can do that. It’s nice that they would promote from within so we don’t have all this disruption with guys having to learn a new defense.”

Domonique Foxworth also expresses his excitement saying, “We were hoping Coach Slowik would take over last year. It would be an easy transition, and guys really like playing for him.” (Denver Post)

Speaking of defense, former Broncos linebacker, Al Wilson, was cleared to play next season. Wilson suffered a neck injury in 2006 before being released by the Broncos. He is a free agent that will likely draw a lot of attention in the market, so don’t expect him back in Denver.

Finally, Champ Bailey made 2nd team all-pro after three straight years of making the 1st team. With a losing record, it’s hard to argue the selection.