Thanksgiving: Broncos Style

By Editorial Staff

With a 5-5 record and playoff hopes still looming overhead , the Broncos have some things to be thankful for this season. If we were to go around the Broncos’ Thanksgiving table, here are some statements that we would hear from players about what they are thankful for:

Sam Adams – “The person that made this meal, and the folks over at KFC for taking care of me day in and day out.”

Travis Henry: “Selvin Young. I’ve been sitting the bench half of my career because of injuries, and I MAY have made some poor decisions in the past, so if he didn’t perform well, I would take more heat from fans. Also, Mike Shanahan for having my back!”

Selvin Young – “Andre Hall. Who am I kidding? Anyone can run behind a Denver offensive line.”

Mike Shanahan – “The AFC West. Without Kansas City, Oakland, and San Diego’s piss poor performance week after week, we would be at the bottom of the food chain.”  

Jay Cutler – “Brandon Marshall. Enough said. Oh, uh, and my offensive line. As a QB, I’d have to go into hiding if I didn’t mention them. I don’t want them to turn into the Philadelphia offensive line and let me get creamed every time I touch the ball. Best wishes Donovan!”

Champ Bailey – “Dre Bly’. Teams can’t go to the air with both of us covering the field.”

Dre Bly’ – “Champ Bailey. The best corner in the league!” 

Javon Walker – “The two Brandon’s for stepping things up a notch, and providing teams with more defensive headaches when I come back to action.”

Jason Elam – “Coach Shanahan for giving me the chance to win the game time and time and time again.”

Sam Adams – Now, lets eat!!! Afterall, I’m a turkey leg short of 400 lbs.”  

Happy Thanksgiving~ Watch lots of football, eat plenty of turkey, and may the tryptophan make you passout onto your Aunt Betsey’s tacky green couch even if it is covered in cat hair.