Baseball Had It’s Season: NFL Week 11 Rankings


As the Broncos get set to take the stage on Monday night, the rest of the NFL looks to play up to the Patriots’ standards. While much of the sporting world is talking about Barry Bonds or A-Rod and the Yankees, I’m going to crank out the NFL’s week 11 rankings: 

1. New England (9-0) – no arguments here.

2. Dallas Cowboys (8-1) – Romo is focusing on the present and T.O. is keeping his mouth closed. If that’s not a recipe for more wins then put me in jail and call me Lindsay Lohan.

3. Green Bay Packers (8-1) – So what if Favre’s formal wear is a flannel shirt, blue jeans, and baseball cap…he knows how to win games.

4. Indianapolis Colts (7-2) – Without Freeney, and practicing without pads on Monday, the Colts are lucky to take the #4 spot.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-2) – Ben Roethlisberger has arrived just in time.

6. Jacksonville Jaguars (6-3) – David Garrard should be starting Sunday’s game against San Diego (Yahoo Sports), but will coach, Jack Del Rio continue to live on the edge?

7. Tennessee Titans (6-3) – I pick Cutler over Vince Young on Monday night.

8. New York Giants (6-3) – Which Manning will show up on Sunday against NFC East rival, Washington?

9. Cleveland Browns (5-4) – Cleveland still rocks!

10. San Diego Chargers (5-4) – Will the Jaguars be buying these guys drinks to secure a win. I would be.

11. Tampa Bay Bucs (5-4) – I give credit to the way Jeff Garcia has played, but imagine if he had T.O. on his side.

12. Detroit Lions (6-3) – they could drop in the rankings with games against the Cowboys, Packers, and Giants coming up.

13. Washington Redskins (5-4) – Trying to beat the Cowboys without Sean Taylor is like trying to defrost a 24 lb. bird in the microwave. 

14. Seattle Seahawks (5-4) – they no longer stink as bad as Seattle’s Pike Place Market.

15. Buffalo Bills (5-4) – Yea, good luck against the Pats on Sunday.

16. Baltimore Ravens (4-5)

17. New Orleans Saints (4-5)

18. Carolina Panthers (4-5)

19. Philadelphia Eagles (4-5)

20. Denver Broncos (4-5) – A win on Monday could move them up in the rankings.

21. Kansas City Chiefs (4-5)

22. Cincinnati Bengals (3-6)

23. Minnesota Vikings (3-6)

24. Chicago Bears (4-5)

25. Houston Texans (4-5)

26. Arizona Cardinals (4-5)

27. Atlanta Falcons (3-6)

28. San Francisco 49ers (2-7)

29. Oakland Raiders (2-7)

30. St. Louis Rams (1-8)

31. New York Jets (1-8)

32. Miami Dolphins (0-9)