Broncos Return From Bye

By Editorial Staff

The Broncos (2-3) face a difficult game this week against the Pittsburgh Steelers (4-1). The Broncos are giving up 2.5 times more rushing yards than the Steelers. Like Denver, Pittsburgh just came off their bye week, and I’m sure they’re ready to rack up some more wins.

So what did Broncos players do during their four days off? Some planned to stay in town while others were going to catch a flight out of Denver. Mike Shanahan didn’t care what his players did as long as they stayed out of trouble and got some rest. Shanahan has a good record coming off of the bye week (9-3), so he must give his players a good pep talk before they go on their mini vacations. 

Here’s a breakdown of some of the players plans courtesy of the Denver Broncos weekly magazine:

 “Jarvis Moss is in the party group, but he can’t quite settle on a destination.

“It’s a tossup. I was going to go to (Las) Vegas for a few days. If not that, I’m going to go back to Gainesville, Fla.” Moss said. “I’m really thinking about doing both, like two days in one and two days at the other. Just get away for a few days.”

Tim Crowder is another rookie sprinting to catch a flight, although his plane departs at 7 a.m. Thursday.

“I’m going back home to Texas to go relax and get me some Texas barbeque. That’s what I’ve been thinking about all week,” Crowder said. “I’m definitely looking forward to it. Any time I have off I’m looking forward to it. I’m just thinking about Texas and my flight leaves at seven so I can’t wait to get down there.”

Selvin Young seconds Crowder’s affinity for home-cooked meals.

“I’m going to be doing a lot of relaxing,” Young said. “I’m going to chill with my little brothers, watch some of their football games, see my grandmother, and get some of that Southern cooking.”

Some players are getting away from football with, well, football.

Jay Cutler is back in Nashville, Tenn., getting honored by the National Commodore Club as Vanderbilt hosts Georgia.

John Lynch will be commenting on Fox NFL Sunday.

Dre’ Bly is rooting on his alma mater in Chapel Hill, N.C., as North Carolina faces South Carolina.

Brandon Marshall and Andre Hall will be on opposite sides of the Raymond James Stadium field this Saturday as Central Florida, Marshall’s alma mater, tries to upset No. 5 South Florida, where Hall starred in 2004 and 2005.”

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