Code Blue: Denver Defense Needs Help

By Editorial Staff

To all Denver area hospitals,

Please keep watch over the cardiac care unit this Sunday as the Broncos play the 1-1 Jaguars. Monitor all heart patients between the hours of 2 pm and 5 pm as the Broncos attempt to beat a team by more than 3 points. Get the oxygen ready because as Jacksonville players bury their faces in oxygen masks here in the mile-high city, your patients could be needing the extra air too. Lately, the games have been too close for comfort, and the kicking game has become more important than a keg at a frat party.

How many more times this season is the game going to come down to the Broncos’ field goal squad as time expires?  With a strong running game headed by Travis Henry and an up and coming quarterback in Jay Cutler, maybe this time of year is what will prepare the Broncos for the playoffs.  A clutch kick by Jason Elam plus or minus a timeout by Mike Shanahan may propel the Broncos further into the post season than anyone expected. 

The Denver defense is doing an amazing job thus far ranking 2nd in the league for total yards per game (218) allowed. How much of the responsibility can rest in the arms of  Ian Gold, Champ Bailey, and the rest of the Bronco defense this season?  Apparently, for now, the task rests with the defense as the offense continues to mature and improve under the guidance of offensive coordinator, Rick Dennison.

As long as the ball continues to fly through the two yellow posts at the end of the game, and the cheerleaders are waving their pompoms, we will accept the fact that the team’s offense needs time to improve. Until that actually happens we will take a mark in the win column however we can get it.