The Other Guys: Around The AFC West


There are some interesting things happening elsewhere in the division, let’s take a look:

Due to a protracted holdout by No. 1 overall pick JaMarcus Russell, the Raiders inked Daunte Culpepper to a one-year deal. Culpepper had sought this type of short-term contract from somebody, as he hopes to show that he’s back and healthy and cash in with one more megadeal. It’s probably a good fit for him, as Oakland probably has the lousiest QB situation in the NFL and Culpepper can most likely start in silver and black for much of the year.

Arrowhead Addict accurately pointed out that the Raiders could have had Culpepper and Calvin Johnson had they passed on Russell in April. That might have had us Bronco fans a little nervous about our Bay Area rivals, but as it is I don’t lose much sleep over the Raiders’ Commitment To Excrement.

The least boring team in football is clearly the Kansas City Chiefs. Coach Herman is now going after his own fans. Following reports of his signing (that turned out to be untrue), first-round pick Dwayne Bowe continues to hold out. And speaking of high-profile holdouts, The Vagina Symbol himself continues to extend his summer break while his general manager says he’s not a complete back (my favorite part of this link is that “” is not Johnson’s official site, it’s a newspaper in Lawrence, Kansas).

The Chiefs seem to be doing everything they can to tank their season, and Hard Knocks hasn’t even started yet. As usual, Jason Whitlock is there to calm everybody down and be a voice of reason.

At least you can follow along with this “preview” of the Chiefs season. It’s got the faithful riled up as well.

I’d rather not talk about the cheating sons-a-bitches in San Diego today.