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Kickoff (or, Why You Might Want To Read This Blog)


Welcome, gentlemen and the occasional lady, to Predominantly Orange. We like to think it’s the finest Denver Broncos blog that has yet to be created. We thank you for taking the time to hang out at our little online tailgate bonanza.

We’re going to serve you a heaping helping of Bronco news, opinion, spin, apologism and outright lies and propaganda. We love this team, and we love its rodential leader. Sure, we’ll call a spade a spade and a missed assignment an abomination, but we’re fans first and foremost. We’re happy when the boys win and miserable when they lose. There’s no place here for fair-weather fandom, or what the kids call the haters.

We recognize that many in our community don’t dig on the Broncos, and will only be here to mock and denigrate our excellence. That’s fine. We always appreciate and encourage a little healthy competition. Hell, we started a blog called the House of Georges that’s devoted to the rivalry between the Broncos and our indigenous Midwestern neighbors. And we are part of the Just The Fans Network, which is piloted by fans of the Chiefs. There are surely nice things to be said about those California teams, they just don’t immediately come to mind.

We assuredly are not the only Broncos blog on these here eBays, but we strive to be the best. Without a doubt, anyone covering the greatest franchise in the National Football League is performing the Lord’s work. We simply won’t tolerate blog-on-blog crime here. The big mainstream media, however, is fair game. Sometimes the Denver outlets adequately cover our team, and sometimes they do not. Expect a fair and reasonable analysis of their efforts, as they are our direct conduit to the team. It’s a serious responsibility.

Our focus here is the Denver Broncos, of course, but we’re not going to stop at simply documenting the machinations of the team itself. Being a Broncos fan is an all-encompassing, lifetime experience. It includes pregame and postgame festivities, the user experience at the stadiums both home and away, and dealing with fellow fans who piss us off. It’s the whole ball of wax.

So welcome. Let’s buckle our chin straps, assume our three point stances and remember the snap count. Feel free to leave thoughts, reactions, suggestions and complaints in the comments, or email me directly at the predominantlyorange@gmail.com.