January 19, 2014; Denver, CO, USA; Denver Broncos defensive tackle Terrance Knighton (94) celebrates after sacking New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) in the second half of the 2013 AFC Championship football game at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Terrance Knighton Calls Out The Seahawks On Twitter

Oh, boy. Terrance “Pot Roast” Knighton is not playing around. Sounds like he’s tired of all the talk out of the Pacific Northwest. Behold.

With the additions of DeMarcus Ware, T.J. Ward, Aqib Talib in free agency and the Broncos’ rookie class of 2014, the team certainly reloaded.

Let’s not forget this important fact too. The Broncos were missing 6, count them, 6 starters in the 43-8 loss to the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl.

Just getting Von Miller, Chris Harris, Jr, Derek Wolfe, and Rahim Moore back is a huge boost to the team.

Lest we should forget, the Broncos themselves certainly haven’t. With the NFC West on the schedule this year, it’s looking like 2014 is going to be the “Revenge Tour” for the Denver Broncos.

Don’t you love to see that fire from your team, Broncos Country?

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  • jamfed

    Broncos are not build for long term success. I expect Payton and the Broncos to fail this season. Payton is going to get punished (often) and the TEAM is not very complete (or well rounded).
    But that’s just my opinion.

    • trinity


    • Chad Jensen

      Punished by whom? Don’t forget, sir, the Broncos have arguably the best O-line in football. Maybe the 49ers is better, but only by a hair.

      • trinity

        This guy is just talking out of his ass. By “i thinks it’s going to happen”, he means “I really want it to happen”.

    • Aaron Komlo

      he’s a chargers fan, what do you expect… how many rings do the chargers have again? oh yeah.. none!

      • Chad Jensen


    • Kevin Poore

      Your obviously a Broncos hater or just plain misinformed, because your assessment is completely WRONG. #1 Not well rounded? Completely Dumb statement. The Broncos are solid in all 3 phases. #2 it’s spelled Peyton not Payton you moron. #3 Peyton punished often? Lmao! How you moronic tard? Not only is the Broncos offensive line much improved over last year’s pieced together unit, but Peyton Manning gets rid of the ball in less than 2 seconds! You need to do some home work, before you speak your ignorant rant (jamfed) Thanks “BRONCOS COUNTRY”

      • trinity

        Well said! The guy is a chargers fan, so he’s delusional.

      • Brad

        Wow, what and over-reaction that was totally unwarranted. Your defense and ST looked sorry from preseason all the way to the super bowl. Do you think that picking up a bunch of old and injury-prone free agents will help you in January?

      • jamfed

        Hillman and Ball are your running threats = LOL – incomplete.
        Orlando Franklin at LG (new position) =meh!

        D-Line looks OK, but Pot Roast is really the only notable, and Ware = past his prime, overpaid and undersized DE (should’ve kept S.Phillips)
        The Secondary looks like it’s completely overhauled with three new starters & a rookie = work in progress…

        The offense is NOT build with the running game in mind and it may get abandon very early this season. So expect a defensive blitz every play and Peyton will be running for his life (if his play-action pass fakes don’t work).

        …If Peyton goes down, this team is DONE! This team needs to focus on running the ball this year to be successful.

        • Chad Jensen

          We’ll see how incomplete you think the Broncos’ running game is after Ball rushes for 1,200 yards and 10+ TDs. How would the Chargers do if Rivers goes down? You could argue that point for any competitive team in the NFL who has a good, or elite QB.

          • jamfed

            Sure, most teams will struggle without their star QB. The Broncos are built to rely heavily on their QB with their lofty receiving core. Which is fine, since Peyton Manning throws the ball more than Rivers. Lets not forget how fragile and old Peyton Manning really is too…

            I’m a firm believer in offensive balance (run / pass) and now that Knowshon is gone, Ball very inexperienced (and unproven) and with Hillman’s fumbling problems, the Broncos running game does not look threatening (at all). It’s not a weakness, it’s a HUGE weakness and I’d be willing to say that the Broncos might have the worst running back tandem in the league.

            Plus, there isn’t ONE road grader on the O-line… it’s jut a bunch of pass protectors…

          • trinity

            Most teams would struggle without their starting QB? Lmao your team struggles WITH your starting QB. You charger fans talk as if you’ve done something other than fail for the entire Philip Rivers era. Your QB is nothing but a talented loser. Have fun watching him lead you to 9 wins and no playoffs :). Lol you should be used to that by now.

          • jamfed

            I disagree. Rivers is a quality NFL QB, can carry a franchise and should continue to start in San Diego for another 6+ years. He has 79 career victories and the 3rd highest winning percentage amongst active QB’s.

            The only problem that Rivers has had is his o-line cannot stay healthy. Over the last 5 years, San Diego’s O-line has been nailed with injuries (and retirees).

            Plus Norv Turner’s last three years in SD were the worst play calling I’ve ever seen. Now that SD have a new coach (McCoy) and new play calling, Rivers will continue to play well, which you should be worried about.

            Don’t forget, Peyton Manning is 38 (and his tenure will be over soon), then the Osweiler takes over (LMAO)!

          • trinity

            Lol disagree all you want, it doesn’t change the fact that your quarterback is going to retire a failure. Excuses are for losers. Philip Rivers has lost many games that he should have won, because he’s a mistake maker. His postseason performances (when he manages to get there lol) have mostly been average. You talk about Peyton, but Philip would love to have a career like his. For all his talent, Philip Rivers is a loser.

          • jamfed

            Define Failure…(and debate it with me)
            Define Loser…(and debate it with me)
            Define Mistake Maker…(and debate it with me)

            ….you’re only tossing around opinions with no valid proof or examples.

            I don’t think anyone is looking for excuses, but I’m looking for your logic and answers.

            Rivers could be average in the playoffs, but he has been in the MVP debate several times over the last 8 years.

            Rivers is still in his prime and has a long career ahead of him (which Peyton isn’t). Peyton’s career has been very notable, but Rivers is still writing his career (when Peyton is wrapping his up).

            GOOD LUCK to you Broncos, and with my prediction: Brock Osweiler will start more games for Denver than your Free Agent Savoir Peyton Manning.

          • trinity

            If you want to be an adequate quarterback, win in the regular season. When it comes to being more than adequate, or even great, nobody gives a damn about your regular seasons. Great quarterbacks GET to the postseason, and they win. Philip Rivers is not that, and his playoff record indicates that. (When he manages to get there that is). His playoffs records are as follows…….

            Game 1, loss, 24-21 NE. stats:14-32, 230 yards, 0TDS, 1int.

            Game 2, win, 17-6 TEN. stats:19-30, 292 yards, 1TD, 1INT.

            GAME three, win, 28-24 INDY. Stats: 14-19, 264 yards, 3tds, 1int.

            Game 4, loss, 21-12 NE. stats: 19-37, 211 yards 0TDS, 2int.

            Game 5, win, 23-17 INDY. stats: 20-36, 217 yards, 0TDS, 1int.

            Game 6, loss 35-24 PITT. stats:21-35: 308 yards, 3tds, 1INT.

            Game 7, loss 17-14 NYJ. Stats: 27-40, 298yards 1TD, 2int.

            Leading into this past season in which he one one, lost to the team you’re talking shit about, and that was that. Bringing his playoffs record to 4-5. Stat interpretations are as follows….

            Coming into last year, in 7 playoff games Philip rivers had a grand total of 8 touchdowns. Along with a total of 9 interceptions. Coming into last year, he had literally given the ball to the other team more than his own recievers. A mistake maker.

            Observation 2. Coming into last year, in 3 playoff victories, he only threw a grand total of 4 touchdowns to 3 interceptions. Very subpar, and yet they still won. Which leads one to conclude that those teams he supposedly carried according to his fans actually carried him at times.

            Observation 3. Coming into last season, he only had a grand total of 2 playoff games where he threw for 3 touchdowns. Against 5, count them, FIVE games where he threw 0-1 touchdowns.

            Philip Rivers is nothing but a talented guy who is average in the biggest moments. A talented loser who will never win anything, and that will be his legacy.

          • jamfed

            First of all, I’m not talking shit about “your” team. I said the Broncos team didn’t look balanced and their running backs might be the worst combination of runners in the league. But now I’m debating you with your Philip Rivers “opinions”.

            (…this is like me asking what you want for breakfast and you answering JUMP YELLOW FORD) **apples and oranges

            Observation 2 & 3 were teams that were NOT led by Rivers, but running back LaDainian Thomlinson.

            Rivers had three playoff wins by age 26. Not too bad for a kid, considering that those Chargers teams were RUSH HEAVY teams, led by LaDainian Thomlinson (& Lorenzo Neal) not Philip Rivers. Plus, they didn’t have a #1 wide receiver (but they did have pro-bowl TE in Gates). Also note, those Chargers teams had possibly the worst offensive lines in the league those years.

            Rivers has the 3rd most wins by any active starting QB (Brady and Manning have more) He’s a 5-time Pro Bowler.

            Tell me, who do you like better Philip Rivers or Rich Gannon?

          • trinity

            I just gave you pure, numbers based fact. Not opinion, the literal statistical fact of his entire postseason career. Now here come the excuses. “Oh, um well, he wasn’t actually the leader of the team”. “Uh, uh, well yeah he had a hall of fame tight end at his disposal, but still it’s not his fault”. Hahahahahaha! You genuinely made me laugh lol. I’ll say it before and I will say it again. Excuses are for losers. Try them on someone who doesn’t know the facts. The San Diego chargers are among the biggest NFL disappointments
            Of this era, and it begins and ends with Philip Rivers. You try to say he had no help. Lol apparently he did since he was turning out below average performances even in postseason wins. That means the team was carrying him, not the other way around. All those years the chargers
            Had a superbowl caliber team. Everyone picking them to win because of all thier talent. And Philip Rivers could not lead them there, as the postseason stats clearly show. Period. So as I said, he is going to retire as nothing but a talented failure. Live with it.

          • jamfed

            Yes, you gave me pure numbers and statics of one player in each game. The literal statistical facts of Rivers performance in each of those game does not define the teams wins and loses. Rivers didn’t lose those games, the team lost those games. Nobody has ever pointed out or blamed Rivers for any of those playoff loses.

            GAME 3, win, 28-24 INDY. Stats: 14-19, 264 yards, 3tds, 1int (nice game and a W)

            Game 4, loss, 21-12 NE. stats: 19-37, 211 yards 0TDS, 2int.(great game but San Diego couldn’t score a TD. Rivers got them to the RED ZONE, but the team couldn’t score TD’s. NE score TD after TD, while SD could only get FG’s – the L was NOT on RIvers).

            Game 5, win, 23-17 INDY. stats: 20-36, 217 yards, 0TDS, 1int (this is a W)

            Game 6, loss 35-24 PITT. stats:21-35: 308 yards, 3tds, 1INT.(great game, but SD’s defense gave up 4 TD’s and Pitt had punt return TD, you’re probably gonna lose.)

            Game 7, loss 17-14 NYJ. Stats: 27-40, 298yards 1TD, 2int. – Sanchez’s Rookie playoff game (made me sick). That game fell onto Antonio Cromartie failing to tackle Shone Green (becuase he was only a cover cornerback).

            …regardless, these “games” were not lost by Rivers, but lost by San Diego’s defense and the absence of Chargers teamates. Most of those playoff interceptions were from tipped passes that should’ve been caught by crappy recievers (including Vincent Jackson’s errors, Marlon McCree mega error in that Patriot loss, (and the Cromartie error made earlier)

            Look Trinity, blame who you want, I could give a crap. But if you think Rivers was the problem with your “FACT STATS” then you don’t watch football, but read football BOX scores.

          • trinity

            Excuses excuses excuses excuses. Honestly I don’t really blame you, because what else do you have to hold onto? Not a damn thing. With Philip Rivers at the helm, your team has done nothing but fail. You point out the Ws despite his average performance in those Ws. The fact that he won is all that matters huh? In that case, you STILL lose the argument, because he’s lost more postseason games than he’s won. Lol! I will say it again, and the stats prove it. Philip Rivers postseason performance, when he’s actually able to get there, have been mostly average. Those superbowl caliber teams were wasted because Philip literally gave the ball to the other team more than his team. And now the window is closed for him. A career spent underachieving. Sad. Funny as well lol, but sad too.

          • jamfed

            Statistics do not prove anything in professional football. Don’t forget when the Chargers led the NFL in Offense and Defense just a few years ago… What did those stats prove? Nada-Damn-Thang…

            Please, go back to those games you noted, watch them and tell me, who won those games and how they lost them because a box score is not the same thing as watching a game.

            I’m not looking (or searching) for excuses because I actually watched those games and know the truth and facts. Funny how Denver Broncos fans quickly forget about their recent history of quarterbacks (including Cutler, Orton, Simms, Tebow, then Manning).

            Denver averages a new QB every 2 years, so statistically, Brock Osweiler will be fishing the Denver season this year. Enjoy your Colt while he lasts…

          • trinity

            Lol I give you statistics, in other words, pure numeric facts of what Philip Rivers has produced in the postseason. You in response basically shrugged, tried to make excuses, then you said it means nothing. You literally just said that facts mean nothing. Lol spoken like a true chargers fan. I’ve said all that needs to be said to you. Have fun watching Philip continue to fail for the rest of his career. It shouldn’t hurt so much at this point lol.
            Take care.

          • ChasManianDevl

            Exactly! That was the funniest and most spot on assessment of the team since rivers has been the starter. You remember when every year for about 4 yrs str8 the experts had SD going to the SB and every year they faltered. They had a SB caliber team for a while but never did anything with it. The one constant! Rivers. If Eli would have stayed they would have won at least 1 Sb maybe more with that loaded team.

          • trinity

            I agree with you completely. Lol rivers is a failure who runs his mouth as if he’s a winner. They’re going nowhere this year, same as every year.

          • jamfed

            Rivers is one man on the ultimate TEAM sport. SD was built (for a while) as a Super Bowl Contender, but they didn’t have a Super Bowl Coach. The biggest error there was AJ Smith hiring Norv Turner.

            Eli wouldn’t have done anything in SD

          • anon76returns

            You don’t think Vasquez can run block? Have you only been a Charger fan for one year, then?
            Clady is admittedly a better pass blocker than run blocker, but he’s still better at run blocking than most LTs in the league.
            At 320 pounds Manny Ramirez is definitely a large center, and ranked as the #7 run blocking center last season by Matt Miller.

            As for running the ball, Ball had the 33rd most yards in the league last season among all RBs. He also averaged the 7th most yards per carry among all RBs, which indicates to me he’ll be fine. What’s really impressive is what happened after he learned the game- over the last 8 weeks of the season he averaged 5.9 yards per carry, and picked up either a first down or a TD on 45% of his carries. Talk all you want about the worst starting RB in the league, but you’re likely going to look like an idiot by next November.

          • jamfed

            When Vasquez played RG with the Chargers, he was “just a guy”. He was an average pass blocker, and below average run blocker. Since he’s been in Denver, his contract has given him a lot of hype, but he did turn the corner (a little) and is a better player than when he was a Charger. He’s not worth his contract, so SD let him walk. Vasquez = Jeromey Clary (but Clary can play tackle and guard)

            Clady is very good, but we’ll see what he can do after his ’13 injury. He’s a pass blocking specialist and I can’t vision him being a “road-grader” when he’s really more finesse than power. He’s better than San Diego’s King Dunlap (but only by a small margin).

            Manny Rameriz = bah! just a guy (and I wouldn’t describe him as a strength to the Denver run game, but I think he’s probably better than SD’s C Nick Hardwick)

            Monty Ball was fun to watch in college, but he’s not as good as KnowShon. He’s a draw play runner, not a power runner. if it’s 3rd and two, Peyton Manning will either throw a quick screen pass or do a draw play to Ball, lol.

            ***I didn’t know that Texas Tech produced so many latino interier linemen, who happen to be Broncos…

          • anon76returns

            “45. Louis Vasquez, OG, Denver Broncos (Unranked)

            Finishing the year our top ranked right guard, Vasquez more than proved worth the money the Broncos invested him in the 2013 offseason. Giving up just 12 combined sacks, hits and hurries all year, Vasquez was a big asset for Peyton Manning while also earning the ninth highest run blocking grade of all his peers. He achieved these with sheer consistency, with just two negatively graded games all year.

            Best Performance: Week 12, DEN @ NE, +5.3

            Key Stat: His 98.4 pass blocking efficiency score was the third best score of all offensive guards.”

            That’d be PFF’s assessment of Vasquez when they ranked him as the 45th best player in all of football. Good to keep the discrepancy between your assessment and their assessment in mind when considering your opinion on the other Bronco players.
            Curious, but what part of “averaged 5.9 yards/carry and a first down/touchdown on 45% of touches” makes you think that Knowshon was better than Ball? I liked Knowshon a lot, but Ball was clearly the better runner by the end of the season, and that as a rookie.

          • jamfed

            So many fans think PFF is so true & accurate, when they’re all about numbers and percentages. Plug some stats in Excel and believe… That site is too computer driven. A fumble on 1st down vs. not coveting a 3rd and 1 cannot be caluclated…

            Vasquez has improved last year yes, but when he was in SD, he was jut a “GUY” that only knew how to pass block (and couldn’t stay healthy). He’s not a well rounded RG as he’s a below average run blocker (but that’s only my opinion). Your RG needs to be a good pass blocker (as they’re kind of on an “island” but all guards need to be good at run blocking too).

            …go ahead and run those shotgun draw plays add day long and watch Monty Ball rack up some great yardage and stats (in garbage time). If Ball is the better runner, what was your margin of victory in games when Monty Ball “averaged 5.9 yards/carry”?

            ***that’s a garbage stat, in garbage time

          • ChasManianDevl

            Fragile! You must be talking bout your Rb whom you all moved up to get what 5 yrs ago who barely had a decent season last year(insert donald brown). I guess you know all to well about RB being a weakness. You wanna talk weakness you should check for your own weak ass secondary. Mr Flowers, aka Cox 2.0, looks to be in the same mold of the rest of your small CB’s. Flowers will get burned in daygo two but this time it will be Sanders instead of Decker. To Flowers credit he played a bit out of position covering the slot. He’s more effective on the outside but don’t tell the coaches that.

          • jamfed

            Yes, Peyton Manning is old and fragile. His neck injury and age has him retiring very very soon.
            IMHO: Ryan Mathews is better than all the Denver Running backs, combined.
            San Diego’s secondary has had a very impressive off season additions, including Flowers, Verrett, with the return of Steve Williams and a sleeper with Ghee (I like the newbies). SD’s secondary is much improved.
            The Chargers secondary is only as good as their pass rush, and baring any OLB injuries, SD is loaded at the OLB pass rushers. .

          • scott steven

            Rodgers went down last year and so did the pack

    • scott steven

      Peyton also will get his left tackle back all-pro Clady so his blind side will even be more protected than last year. His avg release last year was what about 2 seconds. With sanders lining up in deckers place he is faster and quicker off the line than decker we will see how much punishment Manning to Sanders, both thomases welker and sometimes their rookie Latimer (velcro is his nickname caught 100 OUT OF 100 passes in mini camp) will inflict on other teams defense.

  • trinity

    The Broncos are going to be scary this season. This defense has the chance to be elite in its own right, and you already know what the offense is capable of

  • Laquan Smalls

    I want the Seahawks today

    • Derrick Rashawn Lewis

      No you don’t lmao!!! It’ll just be the same story new season. Lol. P. Manning as great as he is disbar get it done when it counts the most. He’s the biggest big game CHOKER I’ve ever seen. His 1 SB he did win came against who?? Rex Grossman a perennial backup lmao. Good luck with that and all those empty record breaking meaningless numbers he puts up. Btw our D has just gotten better along with our O. Tre league is about to find out that my Seahawks have just gotten better…..

  • Laquan Smalls

    Ppl forget that the broncos D the year before all the injuries was top 5 with the new editions let’s get it on

    • trinity

      Exactly. Just getting guys back will bolster them, and that’s not even saying a word about their free agents.

  • http://www.predominantlyorange.com/ SayreBedinger

    I wonder if the Seahawks and their fans realize they are building up really bad karma. O’Doyle style bad.

    • jacklaughing

      We will find out this year. Last year all I heard about all season was that the Broncos were unstoppable, the best ever offense, an unbeatable team of unlimited potential. And things didn’t work out as planned. I have the utmost respect for the Broncos as a team, but if there was hubris in the NFL last year it was centered on Denver.

      This is a new season, and both the Broncos and the Seahawks are different teams from last year and have really tough schedules this year. I expect to see both teams in the playoffs this year but both will also be seriously challenged to get there. Looking forward to the rematch.

  • Kevin Poore

    I LIKE IT ALOT! “Broncos Country”!!!!!

  • armando cuesta

    Notwithstanding the ‘cartoonish’ Stephen A. Smith and SEA’s Brian Wagner’s belief that we were playing scared in the SB (a wholly untrue and misguided asssessment), it WAS disappointing to see us be so overmatched and out ‘physicaled’ on offense as we were. And as result, crazy as it sounds (and as equally certain that it won’t happen), the idea of a Wes Welker for Andre Johnson trade actually makes more & more sense to me.
    Both are 33yrs old (Wes is actually 34). Both are still viable options in an offense. Welker would only be on a 1 year deal, so Houston would be free to renegotiate his contract next year. Conversely, Denver would create the necessary cap room because Welker’s cap number is 8 million this year, and Jonhson would most likely be willing to restructure his contract to fall within that Cap space for an opportunity to play w/ an established QB such as Manning, and a SB contender. Also, both have present in-house replacements. Welker has Emmanuel Sanders AND Isaiah Burse, and Jonhson has DeAndre Hopkins. Lastly, Welker would be going back home to Texas (he attended Texas Tech U.) And can you imagine a receiving corps consisting of Johnson (6’3-230lbs), Demarius Thomas (6’3-230lbs), Julius Thomas (6’5-255lbs), & Emmanuel Sanders in the slot.
    And w/ Cody Latimer (6’3-217lbs) firmly in the mix, it would certainly be a faster, more physical and athletic receiving corps…one that is practically immune from any physical press man coverage we’re likely to encounter from the likes of SEA, SF, ARIZ, SD, or STL. I know it’s not likely to happen, but certainly worth mentioning.

    LOL, Chad…talk me down!

    • Chad Jensen

      I don’t see it happening. It would be rad, but Welker was a big reason our offense shattered NFL passing records last year. He changes the way defenses have to play us. Especially, it opens up guys on the outside to make big plays. He’s always open and thus, is a security blanket for PFM. Man, having Andre would be rad, but I can’t honestly say I’d take him over Welker. Interesting thought though.

      • armando cuesta

        I’m a big fan of Welker myself, and I completely agree he was a big part of our offense last year. Although it must also be noted that he topped 40 yards only three times in his last eight games played and missed 3 games as a result of concussions. But it’s his advancing age and recent concussion history that worries me a bit, especially in light of the fact we’re going to have to navigate this year through the fast and very physical NFC WEST secondaries. Just seems Johnson would add more physicality and athleticism to our receiving corps and less susceptability to press coverages. Just a thought….

        • anon76returns

          Seattle is much more susceptible to small, quick WRs than they are to big strong guys. Johnson is an all time great, but I think if anything, Welker would help us more in beating Seattle. Worth noting, Manning had a 102 passer rating on throws targeting Welker in the SB.

          • armando cuesta

            I don’t know, they seemed plenty susceptible to DT ripping them for a record 13 receptions for 118yrds. And we can assume that Johnson, an equally powerful, athletic receiver, would’ve fared w/ equal success. Welker certainly played a solid game w/ 8rec for 84 yards, but his recent history of concussions along w/ his advancing age (and his fearless, kamikaze style of play) is certainly cause for pause as we face that NFC West defensive gauntlet. I would much rather have both, of course. And though great as Welker is(was), I’m more and more convinced that if forced to choose, I’d definitely go w/ Johnson and his added physicality.

          • anon76returns

            You’ll admit that 118 yards on 18 targets is not as good as 84 yards on 10 targets, right? DT did a great job for us, but Welker was getting more reliably open. Peyton left some yards and possible points on the field by focusing in on DT and missing some open looks to Welker.
            Plus, the Seattle secondary is literally built to defend large, strong WRs like DT. They’re better at it than any other team in the league. They’re not as good at defending small, quick WRs. If I’m Adam Gase, I’d seriously think about putting in some packages with Welker, Sanders, and Burse in a 3 wide look for week 3, just because the Seahawks defense is not as good at handling the small quick guys.

          • armando cuesta

            As I’m sure you’ll admit that PFM is readily acknowledged as the best at quickly reading defenses and targeting the open WR. So if he targeted DT 18 times (as opposed to 10), it would seem that the more sensible interpretation is that he saw DT available for receptions much moreso than any other receiver. He was precise in his reads all year, and while admittedly he didn’t play his best, I doubt he was that far off kilter…..or are you buying that PFM played scared? And if Welker was indeed open for more targets, and yards were left on the field, it’s most likely because SEA recognized it had to slide secondary back-up coverage over to DT’s side. Now imagine TWO DT’s roaming the field. Also, I’m not sure why you suggest SEA would have increased difficulties in guarding smaller receivers. Do you think that if it had been Welker across the middle (as opposed to DT) that Chancelor would’ve ‘whiffed’ on that big hit because of Welker’s diminutive size?…or (as is most likely)….knocked him into next week!

          • ChasManianDevl

            Gase is not a innovative coach and i don’t know why they were looking at him as a HC candidate. Your suggestions is great! This guy didn’t have any new plays for the SB..NONE! Did you see any? how many times did we try the screen pass?

        • Chad Jensen

          I hear ya, buddy.

    • scott steven

      Sanders said,” wow coming to the Broncos and having Peyton Manning throwing the football is wide receiver HEAVEN.

    • ChasManianDevl

      That sounds good but I want to see the match up between Welker & Jason Verett of the Chargers seeing how they drafted him to shut down welker. I’d like to see him try.

      • armando cuesta

        Absolutely! I can’t wait for that myself. Even though Verret’s speedy and talented, I think Welker will eat him up with experience and savvy. It usually takes rookie CB’s a year to get their feet under them. I also can’t wait to see the match-up between Welker and Brandon Flowers. That may prove to be the better match-up….we’ll see!

  • disqus_GQB6dqiihC

    Hawks fan here. It’s the off season. We’re the SB champs. I wouldn’t consider it “dwelling” ha ha. Broncos look formidable this season again. But to say a team/city that won its first SB is “dwelling” on the victory is stupid to say. I could see if it was week 4 and the broncos beat us, then we should look forward, not dwell on the past. But it’s the GD off season and we’re the champs.

  • Steve Nelsen

    ummm. wth are you guys talking about? did you not even watch the superbowl?

    • Erick Trickel

      I watched it. Twice. It was a beat down. But neither team is the same team they were in that game. Seahawks got slightly worse on defense and stayed the same on offense, while the Broncos improved in both aspects just by getting certain players healthy. Dont forget Denver was missing six starters that game. On top of that they got even better in the offseason with a few great signings.

      • jacklaughing

        “Seahawks got slightly worse on defense and stayed the same on offense…”
        Keep believing that if it makes you sleep better at night, but you’ll be in for a surprise if you expect Seattle’s defense has weakened this year. All of the roster moves this year were planned and managed in advance of the 2013 season, let alone 2014. Always hard to lose good players, but that’s what roster depth is all about in the age of free agency.

        • Erick Trickel

          Lost Walter Thurmond, Chris Clemons and Red Bryant. All big losses for that Seattle defense. No one there to replace what they did with the exception of Clemons, who the loss of is big despite injury plagued 2013 season. There is no doubt the Seahawks defense got SLIGHTLY worse. Slightly being the key word, which you seemingly forgotten. Basically they wont be the same or better than last year but will be close. You can doubt it all you want, but I know many Seahawks fans and have had this discussion with them, they all agreed that they will be slightly worse. Just because youre a fan doesnt mean you have to be delusional.

          • Dale GoDawgs McLerran

            Clemons and Red were good, but on a downhill trajectory. Seahawks picked up 5x All-Pro Kevin Williams to replace some of what was lost and also drafted Cassius Marsh who looked really good in mini-camp. Seahawks also have young players who were being developed on the practice squad last year. Jeremy Lane has shown that he can play the slot corner pretty well. Maybe not quite as well as Thurmond, but very nearly so. Also, the Seahawks red-shirted Tharold Simon last year. He was looking absolutely fantastic in OTAs and mini-camp this year. I think Simon may well be as good as Thurmond, maybe even better.

            Remember, too, that the Seahawks secondary and LBs are all really quite young. Sherman just finished his third year, second as full-time starter. Earl just finished his fourth year. Maxwell became the starting left CB only at the end of 2013. These guys are just going to get better. I really think the Seahawks’ D could well be better this year than last.

            The Seahawks’ offense should be dramatically better this year than last. In particular, the O-line was just a mess last year because of injuries. With the off-season to get healthy, the Seahawks’ O-line should be much improved. At skill positions, Wilson should keep improving (and he has been absolutely stellar in his first two years). Percy Harvin should be healthy. He is a game changer. The Seahawks also picked up ultra-fast Paul Richardson to stretch defenses. And I think you will see quite a bit of Christine Michael, the Seahawks future at RB. He is fast AND strong. If the offense improves so that they go on longer drives, then the defense should get more rest. That in itself could improve the Seahawks’ D.

          • Erick Trickel

            If you are going to talk about Clemons and Bryant on the decline, then you shouldnt be hyped about Kevin Williams, who has been on the decline as well. Cassius Marsh is a rookie. Wait to see what he does on the field first. Many rookies have shined in the offseason only to go on and fail. Also same point with Lane and Simon, they are not known like Thurmond was/is. They can do well or can fail. Until they show one or the other, they are marked as a slight downgrade because they are unknown.

            I know that the LBs and secondary are all young. I am not sure, but I cant think of any that are entering their fifth year or higher. It is a great group, but the DL is filled with unknowns. That is where the slight decline comes from.

            The offense stayed the same. Lost Golden Tate and Giocamini, both were solid players and should have been retained. I fully expect Wilson to keep improving with yet another year in the NFL. Harvin is healthy which is huge for the offense. He adds a lot of versatility. I am a Buffalos fan and like Paul Richardson, but be warned with his injury history. He also is a rookie and unknown in the NFL. I am hoping to see more Michael. Liked him a lot coming out. Being able to sustain longer drives will help keep the Seahawks defense rested, but that doesnt increase the talent level.

            Not once did I say they will be bad. I think they will still be the best defense in the NFL. Just dont see them being better than last year right now. Way to many unknowns with the rookies or practice squad stashes. When preseason starts that will provide a better read on their capabilities than offseason practices.

            I stand by what I said. The offense stayed the same and defense got slightly worse. On offense the additions balance out the losses while on defense the losses slightly outweigh the additions. Of course that is going with what is known at this time with no games played yet this year.

  • Steve Nelsen

    Yes, I am a Seattle fan, since around 1980, Denver is a great offensive team, and Peyton has been my favorite qb since he started in Indy. but there’s no possible way that any AFC team this year could even challenge an NFC west team. not even the cards or the rams, NFC west is unstoppable….this year….the best superbowl ever would be SF vs. Seattle, unfortunately that can’t happen, but Denver is more than likely facing one of us if they make it, and it will be just as ugly.

    • Chad Jensen

      We’re gonna find out this year, aren’t we?

    • anon76returns

      How did the mighty 49ers and Seahawks do against Indy last season? The NFC West has some good teams, no doubt. But Divisions rise and fall all the time- the NFC West was a joke 3 years ago, and the AFC West was supposed to be a joke last season, until it sent 3 teams to the playoffs.
      We’ll see exactly how the Broncos match up against the NFC West next season, and I fully expect the Broncos to win the majority of those games.

  • Cameron Welsh

    I am sure that the next Hawks v Broncos matchup will be closer. Pretty sure the Hawks players aren’t dwelling on last years although as fans we are still savoring the outcome. However as much as we keyboard warriors like to joust it out, its only another game on the route to the ultimate prize.

  • Bruised Lee

    Terrance looks like he “reloaded” at Old Country Buffet.

    • Chad Jensen

      You better believe it.

  • Derrick Rashawn Lewis

    Bwahahahaha!!!!! Nobody is worried about you Donkeys. We’ve demolished you both times we played y’all last year. I know 1 was a preseason game but some would say the SB didn’t look any different. Btw we all know P. Manning is great but we also know he CHOKES when it counts the most. 1 and 2 in the SB LOL and who was it he beat to get that 1? Rex Grossman Lmao is he even in the league anymore?? Like I said we’re not worried.

    • scott steven

      this comin from a seahawk fan. What did it take 46 years or so to win a championship??? Lets see if they have enough enough grit to go back to back or even make the superbowl in 2015. can anyone say 1 hit wonder……

    • anon76returns

      Grossman and Manning were never on the field at the same time. Peyton played in the SB against the best pass defense in the league that season, and he won. He also played against the 2nd best pass defense in the league in the AFCCG that year, and he won that game as well (note: Brady and Manning were never on the field at the same time either).

    • trinity

      Manning didn’t play against Grossman. He played and won against an awesome bears defense in shitty weather. Nobody here is a sore loser, and we’ve given plenty of respect to the seahawks. So I don’t really see the point in being such a dick. But hey, whatever makes you feel better about yourself. The Broncos and Seahawks are still the two best teams in the league after the draft and free agency. I really hope they meet again in the big game.

  • Geoffrey Diddles

    Pot Roast should feel that way. All Broncos should feel that way. I’m a Seattle fan and take no offense to it. Denver has unfinished business and they should be very salty about the way that game went and want revenge. It’s only a story if their players aren’t mad and embarrassed. They should be and they should want a shot at redemption. I’d be ecstatic if that happened. Denver’s road is an easy one- the AFC blows. They should go throught it like siracha sauce through my colon. Seattle on the other hand has an unbelievably tough gauntlet to navigate. Odds are they won’t even as good as they are. Hope I’m wrong.