Feb 2, 2014; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) leaves the field after Super Bowl XLVIII against the Seattle Seahawks at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Peyton Manning Shouldn’t Have to Take a Paycut in 2014

With the news that Arizona Cardinals wide receiver did a contract re-structure to save the team almost $10 million in cap space, it got me wondering if Peyton Manning might do the same.

Manning is scheduled to make $15 million this up-coming season, which compared to a lot of other QB contracts and looking at Manning’s incredible performance in 2013 is a complete bargain/steal/theft/etc. or whatever you want to call it.

Manning’s deal is already a team-friendly one, allowing the Broncos to basically opt out if his neck is deteriorating in health. He also signed on with the Broncos before quarterbacks were getting even more than ridiculous numbers.

In my estimation, Manning’s contract is fair and the Broncos shouldn’t insult him by asking if he will take a pay cut. If anything, Manning could ask for a raise since guys like Joe Flacco are making any money.

It’s probably best if this topic just doesn’t come up again for the Broncos, and they should just happily ‘Pey’ the ‘Mann’ his money.

A re-structure for Manning could come next season, when he is due to make $19 million, but even then, he’s still getting close to or even less than market value.

The Broncos will have to find other ways to get their cap situation in order, probably starting with Champ Bailey’s $10 million salary which will have to be re-done. Truthfully, the money that’s locked up for the Broncos is what is projected to come. They don’t have a ton of guys who are making more than they are worth right now, as the next biggest contracts after Manning and Bailey are Ryan Clady, and then a bunch of other guys at $6 million or less.

It’ll be interesting to see what they choose to do.

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  • Frank Antonelli

    The Broncos will never win with Peyton at QB, unless their defense wins it for them. Let’s examine the only Super Bowl Manning, I mean his Colt defense won. Manning’s Super Bowl run stats are the worst of anyone quarterback who has won any of the last 12 Super Bowls. Take a look:

    2001 (Brady) – 190.7 yards, 0.3 TD, 0.3 INT, 62.5%, 80.3 QBR
    2002 (Brad Johnson) – 223.3 yards, 1.7 TD, 1.0 INT, 54.0%, 79.8QBR
    2003 (Brady) – 264.0 yards, 1.7 TD, 0.7 INT, 59.1%, 83.3 QBR
    2004 (Brady) – 195.7 yards, 1.7 TD, 0.0 INT, 67.7%, 111.0 QBR
    2005 (Ben) – 200.8 yards, 1.8 TD, 0.8 INT, 61.8%, 97.9 QBR
    2006 (Peyton) – 258.5 yards, 0.8 TD, 1.8 INT,63.0%, 68.1 QBR
    2007 (Eli) – 213.5 yards, 1.5 TD, 0.3 INT, 62.3%, 102.2 QBR
    2008 (Ben) – 230.7 yards, 1.0 TD, 0.3 INT, 61.3%, 92.1 QBR
    2009 (Brees) – 244.0 yards, 2.7 TD, 0.0 INT, 69.6%, 115.5 QBR
    2010 (Rodgers) – 273.5 yards, 2.3 TD, 0.5 INT, 67.8%, 106.6 QBR
    2011 (Eli) – 304.8 yards, 2.3 TD, 0.3 INT, 66.4%, 107.5 QBR
    2012 (Flacco) – 285.0 yards, 2.8 TD, 0.0 INT, 57.5%, 118.1 QBR

    Nobody threw fewer touchdowns, more interceptions or had a worse quarterback rating than Manning. Sure, Brady’s 2001 production was sketchy but that was his first season ever. Manning’s yards are only the 5th best out of the 12. His completion percentage falls near the mean of the group but everything else stinks. By sheer numbers alone, Brad Johnson had a more impressive Super Bowl run than Peyton Manning.

    Let’s get off this Manning love train and examine some facts:

    (1) Regular Season 240 games 167 wins 69.6% Playoffs 23 games 11 wins 47.8% with 24 INTs
    (2) Playoff Record: 23 games played and Favored in 18 games!
    (3) 8 times 1 and done, favored in 7 of them. Only time not favored to Jets in 2002 and they lost 41 to 0.

    The fact is Manning — dating all the way back to his days with the Volunteers — could never win the big one. He was the No. 1 recruit in the country, the most high-profile player in the nation and really had
    only one significant game per year he needed to win in order to advance to the SEC Championship Game. And every year — for four straight years — Manning’s Vols could not figure out a way to beat Steve Spurrier, Danny Wuerffel and the Florida Gators.

    When you examine the facts it’s clear that Manning is one of the best regular season QBs ever but falls FAR SHORT when it really counts.

    • http://www.joegamble.com Joe Gamble

      I think the “Manning love train” has more to do with the presumption that the Broncos are a 7-9 team without him- and that’s being generous. He still gives Denver the best chance to win and at least in the AFC, his offense is fun to watch- plus he’s a great community guy.

      Wilson didn’t win that Super Bowl for Seattle either- his defense did and Peyton is certainly more valuable to Denver then Wilson is to Seattle.

      I understand the complaint that Peyton’s not been money in the playoffs and that’s a valid criticism but without him there are no playoffs. Rather than beat up on him why not ask for a stronger team to be built around him?

      • clowngirl

        Due to the salary cap, the capacity to build the strongest possible team around Peyton increases dramatically if he takes a pay cut or restructures his contract.

        Elway did it, and Bronco fans were treated to an absolutely phenomenal team and 2 straight championship seasons!

        It all comes down to what PFM wants more- as many $$ from the Broncos as possible or another ring. (Which presumably would improve his post football prospects and earning potential)

        I agree that Peyton is very valuable to the Broncos– and am thrilled he’s here. But would be even more thrilled to see him retained at a cheaper price!!

        • Frank Antonelli

          The problem is Manning and not the rest of the team. The reason he went to Denver is because Elway would allow him to control the offense and be the offensive coordinator. He controls that offense and insists that it plays the type of offense that rarely wins a Super Bowl. The consensus opinion is that the offense needs to be tweaked so that it has more of a pass/run balance. This is something that Peyton will never let happen. So the Broncos are doomed to have regular season success and then fail in the playoffs when the competition stiffens and are able to deal with a one dimensional passing attack. If people are happy with that then fine. However, if the ultimate prize is the Super Bowl, as it should be, then change is required otherwise the past playoff failures will be the norm.

          • clowngirl

            I would agree they should have a better pass/run balance– actually was thinking about it quite a bit during the Super Bowl. Petyon was clearly off his game — Moreno had a couple decent runs (and actually wound up averaging around 3 yards a carry which really isn’t that bad for a game where he barely got to run) but they apparently pulled him after the one fumble (which wasn’t even lost)

            BTw, what was up with that fumble? Was Knowshon wearing rib protection or anything? Does anyone know?

            Manning had a very off game against New England at Foxborough — but the Broncos almost won anyway because Knowshon rushed for over 200 yards…

            They’ve had a little more pass/run balance in a few games — so hopefully Peyton might prove persuadable!

          • Frank Antonelli

            Whenever the Broncos were successful at running the ball it came against teams that were deploying a pass prevent defense which was designed to give up run yards in order to prevent Manning from killing them with the pass. Thus, it was not the Broncos ability to run the ball but rather a choice by the defense. When a team like the Seahawks can stop the run with basically their front four that poses a significant problem for the Broncos. It makes them strictly one dimensional and that is when Manning struggles. The Broncos need to develop an effective running game which they can deploy even when the opponent is stout against the run. Until that happens the final outcome will be the same.