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Super Bowl Winners Tend To Falter Late In Regular Season, Broncos’ Week 15 Loss Meaningless

As it’s often said, better a December loss than a January loss.

Hopefully, the Denver Broncos got the last loss of the entire season out of their system when they fell to the San Diego Chargers on Thursday night.

As John Fox reminded everyone Friday afternoon, there have been plenty of successful teams that have suffered losses late in the season. Let’s take a look at the past ten Super Bowl winners.

2012 Baltimore Ravens – Finished 10-6 when all was said and done, but lost 4 of the last 5 games including a 34-17 loss to the Broncos.

2011 New York Giants – Lost 5 of their last 8 games to go 9-7 on the year.

2010 Green Bay Packers – Went 10-6 and lost 3 of their last 6 games to end the season.

2009 New Orleans Saints – Ended 13-3 with all of their losses coming in their final three games.

2008 Pittsburgh Steelers – The last Super Bowl winners to have a strong finish to the season. Won 5 of their last 6 to finish 12-2 for the year.

2007 New York Giants – Really faltered after the bye week, losing 4 of their last 8. Ended the season at 10-6 and in second place in the NFC East.

2006 Indianapolis Colts – In Manning’s only Super Bowl win, his team lost 4 of their last 7 to go 12-4 on the year.

2005 Pittsburgh Steelers – Went on a nice streak winning their last 4 regular season games, and finished the season 11-5.

2004 New England Patriots – Went 14-2 with one of their losses coming in week 15.

2003 New England Patriots – Again 14-2, with their only losses coming in weeks 1 and 4.

Six of the last ten Super bowl winners didn’t finish their seasons especially strong. It goes to show that catching fire at the right time and having a relatively injury-free roster really helps at the tail end of the season.

The Broncos can easily finish 13-3 still, and maybe this Chargers loss was the wake up call they needed for January and beyond.

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  • DTVTechGuy

    Is there no ends Bronco fans won’t go to justify every loss their team has but still criticizing every other team’s losses and schedule… No matter how much similarity in schedule they have… Or how the teams look in losses.

    Your team got dominated at home… By the Chargers.

    It isn’t meaningless…. It means you have an aging QB fighting injuries late in the season whom you may not be able to lean on to bail your defense out.

    And let’s face it… The Broncos success is based ENTIRELY on Peyton Manning.

    Just like the other contender in your division… The Chiefs success is based solely on their defense. Yours is the offense…
    Of which without Manning isn’t going to win games alone. Just like the Chiefs… Houston/Hali go down and the Chiefs can’t get a pass rush…. They’re done.

    Good luck.

    Keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

    • DXW

      You’re right, Denver was completely dominated on Thursday. No way around that. Even without the dumb mistakes (like the offsides on that punt), which is usually why Denver loses, it wouldn’t have been enough to change the outcome.

      I wasn’t too shocked, though. The Chargers are by far the second best team in the AFC West, and WOW… they came to play. It was their best game of the year, and the best game of Rivers’ career. It was also their Superbowl, while Denver, who’d already clinched, obviously didn’t even bother to show up. But yes, that injured Defense, with all those rookies filling in, needs to get its $#!t together, fast.

      I do disagree that this game meant much. No way NE wins against both Miami and Baltimore, so Denver will still get home field. And since the Chiefs lose every time they play a good team, they’re not a threat to take the west if Denver somehow loses one of these last two games.

      As far as Manning goes… Apparently an aging, injured Manning is still the best QB in the league, so who cares? He’ll play a couple more years, keeping the Broncos at the top of the AFC West, then he’ll hang up his cleats and go back to Indy. By that time, Rivers will be at the end of his career, and KC will be decimated by free agency and bad cap management. With the brilliant front office in Denver, I have no doubt they’ll put together a great team after Manning is gone.

      I also don’t agree the Broncos success is based entirely on Manning. Mostly Manning, yes, but this the best year of Manning’s career. A lot of that has to do with the fantastic line and receivers (These are the same players who carried Tebow of all people to a playoff win a few years ago). I know it hurts KC fans to see such a historically great team in Denver, but you might as well bury the jealousy and accept the fact that when the smoke clears, the greatest offense in the history of the NFL will be wearing orange and blue.

      Get used to it.

      • DTVTechGuy

        Argue with someone else.

        And for the record, you know absolutely nothing about KC’s Cap Management or Free Agency. You constantly talk about things like you know facts when all you have is supposition and antagonism.

        Try having a conversation without being ignorant and purposefully antagonistic and one day, you may actually make a friend.

        Did you notice how I pointed out not just a Bronco weakness, but a Chiefs weakness as well.

        Adults have conversations in which there is give and take, facts and opinions. I can see how great the Broncos offense is, just like I can see how great the Chiefs defense is. Facts aside, you only see how much you love the Broncos.

        Good for you.

        Oh, one more thing, you can have the floor after this.

        Brilliant front office?

        Tim Tebow.
        Elvis Dumervil.

        You don’t have a brilliant front office in Denver, you have John Elway, and because your a Broncos fan, everything about John Elways is brilliant. No matter how far past the line scrimmage he was when he threw that pass… You think he can do no wrong.

        You should really educate yourself beyond your own Fanhood, then, just maybe then, you may find someone willing to have an actual conversation with you. Maybe even in real life!

        • DXW

          Ok, troll. You should probably stick to KC boards where everyone is struggling with a double digit IQ. Coming to a Bronco board to pick fights isn’t a good idea for someone like you. Much like when KC faces Denver, you’re horribly overmatched.

          I didn’t mention KC’s strengths because they’re not nearly as good of a team as Denver or SD. They’re just not. Sorry if that upsets you, but it’s the truth. Why would I make something up to falsely praise KC? You think I’d do it just to make you feel better? Sorry, but KC is a mediocre team at best. if you don’t like facing that particular truth, stop trolling other team boards.

          Go away now.

          • DTVTechGuy

            And once again, you simply prove my point. Insulting and antagonistic.

            I will go away.

            Have fun with your solitude.

            You just can’t seem to come out on top, can you?

          • DXW

            “I will go away.”

            I don’t believe you.

            I wish I did, but I know you’ll be back.