Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith (11) and wide receiver Dwayne Bowe (82) celebrate (USA Today Sports)

Broncos now second in AFC West, only fifth in AFC playoff seedings


Great Moments in Second Place:

1948: Thomas Dewey wins the Presidential Election over Harry Truman.  That’s what the headline in the Chicago Tribune blared.


Truman ended up winning the election, while Dewey was relegated to a not-so-sweet runner-up spot despite being a huge favorite in the polls to defeat the incumbent Truman.

2004: Oklahoma’s sensational freshman running back, Adrian Peterson, just misses on the Heisman Trophy, which was claimed by Southern Cal senior quarterback Matt Leinart.  Peterson now dominates the National Football League as a member of the Minnesota Vikings.  Leinart, of course, has been a perennial backup, annually looking for work in any NFL city.

2007: The Colorado Rockies pull off a stunning September, winning 21 of 22 games, earn a wild-card playoff berth, then win seven National League playoff games in a row to earn their first (and only) World Series berth.

Alas, Clint Hurdle’s team finished only second best, losing to the Boston Red Sox in four games in the series.

Still, becoming the darlings of the diamond for a couple of months was better than finishing fourth or fifth in a division, something all Rockies fans are now accustomed to.

2013: The Denver Broncos are beaten up by the Colts in Indianapolis, in the process losing their first regular-season game after 17 straight wins over a two-season stretch.  The loss drops John Fox’s team that has been almost unanimously heralded as the best in the business into second place in the AFC West behind the NFL’s only remaining unbeaten, the 7-0 Kansas City Chiefs.

Yes, Bronco fans, the waters are now officially muddied, and there are several things that need be considered: That Andy Reid guy can really coach in Kansas City and the Chiefs have some serious talent.  And we must start thinking the previously unthinkable, that the Broncos may be in this for a wild-card berth.

Runner-ups in the AFC West? While it wasn’t even a fleeting thought as recently as a week ago, worst things have happened.

Think back to 1997 when the Broncos finished as runner-up in the Wild West to the Chiefs. The Broncos lost late in the season to the Chiefs in Kansas City, then had to go against them again in the second round of the playoffs, again in Kansas City.

The Broncos, a big underdog, squeaked out of a 14-10 win against the Chiefs and went on to beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh then the favored Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl.

Ahh, yes, it was the first of two straight for John Elway as he closed out his career in grand fashion.

Maybe that’s what this will come down to for Peyton Manning and this edition of the Broncos, a wild-card.

If the playoffs were to start today, the Broncos would indeed be in one of the two wild-card games, and they would be the fifth seed. And they would be playing on the road against – guess who? – the Indianapolis Colts, who would be the fourth seed.

The other wild-card game would have sixth-seeded San Diego playing at third-seeded New England.  The two byes would go to Kansas City and Cincinnati.

That’s the picture right now, with the Broncos, the only 6-1 team in the AFC, facing what would look to be a Herculean task of having to travel to Indy to take on Andrew Luck and his squad again.

Obviously, there could be – and will be – change.

The Broncos, Chiefs and Chargers still have unfinished business.  None of the three has played, meaning they all have two games remaining against each other.

The Chiefs, as mentioned before, have a bye week prior to traveling to Denver for the Nov. 17 bash. The two teams meet again in Kansas City only two weeks later on Dec. 1.

And while you’re at it, don’t ignore Mike McCoy and his improving Chargers, with Denver traveling to San Diego on Nov. 10, then hosting the Chargers on Dec. 12.

You might want to circle those dates on your calendar.

They will go a long way toward determining which team finishes in second place.

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  • ……ChiefsFan……

    Hasn’t this been the case for a few weeks now?

    The Chiefs held the tiebreaker against Denver.

  • Carol Dannels

    Your page/site is named Predominantly Orange, but evidently your heart is RED! What a crock of shit!! Posting a picture of the Chefs!!! Are you all traitors or what???? You are not Bronco fans at all. I will never read another piece of trash from this page!!!! :-(

    • superman_25_58

      You need some tissues?

      • Carol Dannels

        Yeah, I do, to wipe all this Chef crap off! I was hoping for a Bronco friendly article?? Post pics of the Broncos NOT our rivals.

        • BurtGummer44

          I’ve seen some retarded fans over the years………..but none of them hold a candle to your complete and total idiocy.

    • KimCon14

      Posting a picture of what we’re talking about makes you think PO isn’t a Broncos site? We’re simply stating that at this time, if the playoffs were to begin today, the Broncos would be in the wildcard game because the Chiefs sit at the top of the division.

      “Obviously, there could be – and will be – change,” Jussel says.

      • Carol Dannels

        Your article is still about the Broncos, AND if you are a Bronco fan page you should ONLY post pics of the Broncos NOT our rivals.

        • KimCon14

          The Denver Post uses pictures of the Chiefs (and other teams). Just because PO is a fan site doesn’t make it immune to objectivity.

  • DXW

    Give me a break. Everyone knows the Chiefs are undefeated because they’ve played nobody. They have a good defense, but their offense is an absolute joke. Once they lose to SD, Denver, and Indy, they won’t even be in the conversation anymore. Hell, they’re barely in the conversation now. For a 7-0 team, I find it hilarious that nobody is taking them seriously or paying much attention to them. They are certainly not feared by anyone after they barely squeaked out a win against the Houston Cupcakes and their 3rd string QB. They are a lucky team with a soft schedule, and definitely not a contender.

    Next story.

    • Millwright86

      Correct me if I am wrong but haven’t kc and Denver played 5 of the same seven opponents?

    • superman_25_58

      We play the same damn people as the donkeys but one team, so save the “they have played nobody” stupid shit. Thanks have a good day we 7-0……….you 6-1!

      • DXW

        The Broncos haven’t played anyone either… except the Colts and the Ravens. Either way, my point still stands. Enjoy 7-0 while it lasts, but with the way the Chiefs are barely squeaking by cupcake teams with college level QB’s, you can expect them to finish 11-5 at best. Denver will certainly sweep the series, and if Rivers isn’t his typical idiot self, SD will sweep the Chiefs, too. And of course they’ll lose to the colts. Those five games are the only tough games on their entire schedule, and they’ll lose them all. They’ll make the playoffs as a wildcard and lose in the first round.

        Typical Chiefs football.

        • Millwright86

          How did manning do in the playoffs last season….typical manning football

          • DXW

            Can’t argue with that. He definitely pulled a “Chiefs” last year.

            Maybe this year will be better, then again, maybe not. It doesn’t really matter. The Broncos are one of the leagues elite organizations, and they have a history of winning and they are run by smart people who will have the Broncos winning for years to come.

            The Chiefs are a bottom of the barrel organization with bad ownership. That should worry you more than not making the playoffs this year.

        • superman_25_58

          If you seriously think were going to get swept by the Donkeys and the Chargers you are a moron who is nothing but a homer fan who has no fucking idea about anything outside of shining Donkey knobs.

          • DXW

            Really? Name calling already?

            I know the Chiefs will be swept by Denver. That’s a given. SD is up in the air because of Rivers and his spotty play. If they play a good game, there’s no way the Chiefs and their dog shit offense will be able to pull off a win.

            KC has an ok defense, although the way they performed against the Houston girl scouts and their 3rd string QB shows that they’re definitely not dominant. They should do fine against the Browns and the Bills, but they will be exposed by Manning.

            I know it hurts to think of KC losing once they have to face a real team, but you should prepare yourself. The Chiefs are a mediocre team, and they’ve been mediocre for the past 40+ years. Even years where they have a semi-decent team, they always find a way to choke. You should just accept it and prepare yourself for the inevitability of yet another sub-par Chiefs season.

            Until the Chiefs prove that they can do anything but lose in the first round of the playoffs, they are exactly the team everyone knows they are. I know you like to think that this is the year, but it’s not, and it’s so obvious by the way they barely squeak by terrible teams.

            You’re at the peak of your season right now. You shouldn’t worry about the future. Enjoy this week, and probably the next couple weeks too. It won’t get any better for you guys. Breathe it in. KC is undefeated. No reason for name calling, it just shows your insecurity. Don’t give in to it because you’ll just look foolish in a month. Enjoy where you are. Be at peace. Don’t worry about tomorrow.

            It’ll be here soon enough.

          • superman_25_58

            If our offense is dog shit and our D is ok than………….. that must mean you’re offense is ok and your D is dog shit. Do I think we have a chance to go to the SB? Ya why not? I’ve seen stranger things happen. Any team has a shot at going the distance any year it’s just about who takes advantage of the tools around them (so far 7-0 says we have been doing a damn good job at this). Do I think we need to play better on the offensive side of the ball to have a legit shot at making a deep push in the playoffs? No question about it. This is a young inexperienced offensive line with a brand new offense all the way around and they haven’t had much time to get used to one another (Much like the Colts last year).We may not sweep the Broncos but we have a good shot at splitting the series. The secret to bringing down Manning is easy and is also what we do better than any team in the NFL by a pretty wide gap and that is…………… cold weather, and hitting him in the mouth on several occasions! Should be much colder in a month. Watch your back Manning we coming for you! The best part about our whole team is that this D will be back next year and we will have more additions come the 2014 Draft. You all might be built more for now but we are being built for the future.

        • superman_25_58

          You can’t count the Ravens bc they were gutted wide open down the middle of their defense and got rid of a very good piece of their offense in Boldin. You all played the Ravens in week one which IMO gave you an advantage over a very young defense. IMO if the Broncos would of faced the Ravens in say anywhere between weeks 8-12 the outcome of the game would of been even closer. What was the score of Broncos vs Jags again?

    • superman_25_58

      By the way you’re beloved Terrell Davis takes the chiefs seriously

      • DXW

        No he doesn’t. Those guys are paid to build the “drama” of the season. Nobody takes the Chiefs seriously.

  • KozzmoKnight .

    I had to bash Manning a few weeks ago. Mike and Mike were comparing them to the almost undefeated Patriots, they hadn’t played a winning team. That was a tough loss. The Seahawks lost to Indianapolis on the road as well. They are a good team. That said, I watched the game. Manning had a brilliant game winning drive, he handed the ball off to his rb, they fumbled. He probably should have tossed it to his te. Game over. A tough loss is better than an easy win. There are too many good teams out there to get complacent. Denver still has two games to play against KC, and Manning really showed his stuff out there last week. He plays like that, Denver is a force to be reckoned with.

    • superman_25_58

      May have played well but the Colts D is no where near as good as the Chiefs D .