Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles (25) runs after a catch against the New York Giants in the second half at Arrowhead Stadium. Kansas City won the game 31-7. (John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports)

Story of the year in the NFL ... the Kansas City Chiefs?


And the story of the year in the National Football League is … the Kansas City Chiefs?

  Yes, we all realize the Denver Broncos are scorching the rest of the league, 4-0 and on pace to set every offensive record that can be conjured up, a good story, perhaps a Super story.

  But heed the warning:  This Kansas City bunch ain’t goin’ away.

  Before this regular season comes to an end, the Chiefs may well be prime time fodder for the NFL Network, ESPN, Fox, CBS and every other media site that pays attention to such things.

  The Chiefs, winners of just two games last season, have dispatched the injury jinx in going 4-0 to hang with Denver in the AFC West, and are solid and deep on both sides of the ball.  They have allowed only 41 points, the best figure in the league.

  They have a new coach in Andy Reid, long one of the best, and a new quarterback in Alex Smith, who has gone about the business of protecting the ball and maintaining possession with his short passes.  They have a superb rushing game behind Jamaal Charles that remained intact even in the nightmare of last season.

  And – and this is huge – they have that last-place schedule to mess with the rest of the season after beating up on NFC East foes the first month.

  Check this out:  The Chiefs defeated Jacksonville on the road 28-2, then three NFC East teams, Dallas 17-16 at home, Philadelphia 26-16 in Philly, and New York 31-7 at home.

  And their upcoming schedule might play right into their hands.

  They play at Tennessee this week – and the Titans, while more than respectable at 3-1, just lost their starting quarterback, Jake Locker, for maybe two months.  Locker will be replaced by former Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, who hasn’t seen the field yet for the Titans.  Big Break, Kansas City.

  Speaking of Kansas City, that will then be the site of the next three games against Oakland, Houston and Cleveland.  The Chiefs should be favored in all three, with Houston – a team constantly finding ways to lose – the biggest threat.

  With a dozen games remaining on the schedule, Kansas City has only four games against teams with winning records, two of those coming against Denver.

  The Chiefs play at Denver on Nov. 17 – in another schedule break, they have a bye and two weeks to prepare.  The two teams meet again in Kansas City on Dec. 1 (better have your gloves at the ready Peyton Manning). 

  Ah yes, Denver:  the Broncos, Manning, a gaggle of receivers that spooks every opposing defensive coordinator, and a defense that is getting better and better despite the absence of Champ and Chump.

  Sunday’s 52-20 win over Philadelphia, reinforced what we all thought going into the season:  These guys are good, maybe great.

  During the offseason, we saw power polls that had the Broncos, Seattle and San Francisco in the top spot, depending on the day and the source.

  San Francisco has folded up due to injuries.  Seattle is still unbeaten, but could well have lost two road games – and will lose several before the season is over.

  And Denver has put up more than 44 points per game, with the closest game a 16-point victory over the Raiders.

  Manning has thrown 16 TD passes on the season and nary an interception.

  Remember that game last year in Atlanta when he threw three in the first quarter?  Think he’s improved a bit?  Matter of fact, think back through this year’s four games and try to remember one pass that could have been, should have been, intercepted.

  We have seen Chris Clark step in for Ryan Clady at left tackle and the offense hasn’t missed a beat.

  We have seen Ronnie Hillman and Montee Ball fumble at terrible times.  Both are simply getting better by the game and providing solid relief and fresh legs for the suddenly reliable Knowshon Moreno.

  Manning and his receivers get to know each other better each week.

  And Champ and Chump will be back on the field soon, making the defense deeper and better than it has been – and, by the way, just how good are Denver’s defensive backs?

  Yes, Denver is good and getting better.

  To win the West, however, the Broncos are going to have to go around the Chiefs, possibly the second-best team in the league.

  It sounds crazy – and it’s certainly unlikely – but we could have Denver going 16-0 and Kansas City going 14-2.  Or, gulp, maybe the other way around.

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  • Luke Seidl

    How about a compromise? I’ll take 15-1 and we can split

  • DXW

    The Broncos don’t have to prove themselves against KC, KC has to prove themselves against the Broncos. Until they do, they’re still the same old Chefs.

    • Roc

      I disagree, everyone expects the broncos to destroy the chiefs. The more games that go by the larger the bullseye will be on Denver or maybe you forgot about the Chiefs handing the Packers their only loss two seasons ago with Orton behind center. Don’t get cocky because the chefs might be cooking up some horse meat this season

      • DXW

        The only way Denver loses to the Chiefs is if they beat themselves. Denver has the greatest offense in NFL history (through four games), a spectacular defense, and vicious special teams that can score points every time they touch the ball. They are a complete team from top to bottom. There is no weakness, and they are DEEP. When the Chiefs face Denver, they will have Von Miller and Champ back, and there’s no way KC will be able to score enough to best that offense. They just don’t have the talent to match… Maybe in a few years when Manning is retired and Denver is rebuilding, but that will be another day.

        • jacati

          I’m completely dumbfound by some of the statements you are making. I’m not sure if it’s because you don’t want to know or just choose not to fact find before you open your mouth. Fact 1. That spectacular defense you are referring to is 19th in the league in total yardage allowed. They are also ranked 30th against the pass. Respectively, Kc is ranked 9th in yards allowed and 3rd against the pass. Manning hasn’t even come close to facing a defense like he’s going to see when the Chiefs come to town. The toughest defense he has faced this year was the Ravens who ranked 16th total and 17th against the pass. The other three were ranked 18th, 22nd, and 32nd in total defense. I’m pretty sure that, with the ball control game utilized by the Chiefs, Manning may not see a lot of time on the field. Fact 2. That vicious special teams you are referring to has returned a total ( kickoff and punts ) of 19 and has only scored twice. Not exactly fear inspiring numbers there. If you want to talk special teams the Chiefs are leading the league in pinning other teams inside the 20. The Chiefs are also 15th in yards returned at 7.7. The Broncos are 29th allowing 11.8 per return. Just my humble opinion but I think Manning is in for a very long day When the Chiefs come a knockin.

        • Roc

          The broncos haven’t played anyone good yet dude, and keep thinking they are unbeatable because there’s a reason that nobody has broke. The dolphins perfect record. Stop being such a homer dude, your team is really good but they are not unbeatable and when they come to KC you will find that out

    • superman_25_58

      When Manning goes down in the next year or two the Chiefs will be saying the same thing bout Denver.

      • DXW

        If/when Denver drops out of the top tier of the AFC West after Manning retires, my money is on SD before KC. Mike McCoy is a rare talent, and he’ll have the Chargers rolling in a couple years. Andy Reid is a decent coach, but he’s not an innovative coach, and he doesn’t have what it takes to get the Chiefs to the SB.

        • superman_25_58

          If? Let’s just stick to when bc they won’t have another QB like Manning ever again. Mike McCoy? What’s his record as a head coach in the NFL again? That’s right no where even close to what Reid has been able to accomplish in the NFL. Reid has also proven that he can get to the SB (has done it) and he has taken his team to the NFC championship games multiple times. So do you even have any clue what your talking about?

  • AJ Ybarra

    The chiefs are finally playing some decent football, glad others are finally noticing!

  • disqus_57pX4h0tnv

    Should be the prime time game both times…Broncos ..Chiefs..and the Chargers…suddenly the AFC West ain’t the NFL’s JV league.

  • Chris

    As a Chiefs fan, I am ecstatic that they’ve brought winning back to KC. I do think that we are a great team, but if our offense doesn’t get going, we don’t stand a chance against Peyton. I don’t like Denver, but I can say that they are above and beyond any other team and I don’t see that changing. Peyton is just too good. I just hope we can make it close and hopefully win the game when they come to KC. GO CHIEFS!

  • james

    everyone seem’s to forget the chief’s are a ball control offense and it’s very hard to score point’s with the other team’s offense is on the sideline and we now have a very good defense to go along with the ball control offense and that is a winning combination in the nfl, i mean peyton manning doesn’t play defense so as long as we control the clock when we get the ball and put some point’s on the board i believe we can beat the donkey’s.

    • DXW

      They haven’t played the broncos D yet. When Von Miller is back and Alex Smith is running for his life, and DRC and Champ have their receivers locked down, and the Chefs can’t get a run game going against the Broncos #1 run defense… Uh oh.

      It’s nice that the Chiefs are doing better this year, but they’re not in the same class as Denver. The Broncos will sweep the west (again) without even breaking a sweat. Don’t feel bad, though. There’s never been a team like this in the NFL. As long as they don’t get lazy and implode (which is the only way they’ll lose this year), we’re all watching something historic. Best to just sit back, watch the Chefs and all the other teams they face disappear into the grinder, and marvel at the best team in the history of the NFL.

      • DocTrevena

        Number 1 run defense only because they have had a large lead and the other teams give up the run game and try to pass it to get points!

      • superman_25_58

        Champ just needs to stay his old ass on the sidelines before he breaks a hip. We will see how good Von Miller is when he isn’t juicing up buddy.

        • DXW

          Since when is smoking pot “juicing up”?

          More NFL players smoke pot for pain management than you think. Eventually the NFL will pull it’s head out and allow it.

          I hesitatingly agree about Champ. He’s not what he was a few years ago… But Von Miller is a monster.

          • superman_25_58

            Ya Miller is a monster but I believe I heard that he got in trouble for PED’s at one point in his career or is this false?

  • Kisersosay

    Put Peyton on any other team and they instantly get better. Take him away and then the team is just any other team. He is that good. No other players would have that kind of impact. The Broncos are just real lucky he ended up there…..

    • DXW

      The Broncos got Manning because the talent on the team that Elway has built, and because they are a class organization dedicated to winning. To say that Manning, who is methodical to a fault, picked the Broncos on a whim and it all came down to luck, is absurd. He knew the what the team he was coming to was capable of. He knew they had the best chance of doing something special.

      • superman_25_58

        No Peyton picked the Broncos bc Pioli worked for the Chiefs at the time and the Mannings didn’t like Pioli due to something Pioli did to one of their close friends. If Dorsey and Reid been here that year Peyton would of been a Chief.