The Denver Broncos hope to celebrate a lot tonight against the Oakland Raiders. (Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports)

Mile High Monday: Broncos Look to Stay Undefeated on MNF

Broncos - MHM FINAL

The NFL spotlight once again focuses on Denver tonight during the Broncos’ Monday Night Football matchup against the Oakland Raiders.

Even though you wouldn’t know it by watching the NFL promos, the Raiders actually will be playing in the game. How much of a fight they put up is anyone’s guess.

Yes, Oakland looked better than expected in a week one loss against the Indianapolis Colts, and they did manage a 19-9 victory over the pathetic Jacksonville Jaguars in week two, but they come into tonight’s game as a massive underdog in a place where the Broncos rarely lose with Peyton Manning under center.

Denver comes in having destroyed the last two Super Bowl Champions without breaking a sweat, even without the services of their two best defensive players. They lead the league in total offense, and the defense has been stout having given up most of their points in garbage time.

The biggest question mark for Denver is at left tackle. Pro Bowler Ryan Clady was sent to the injured reserve last week after sustaining a season ending foot injury against the New York Giants. That’s a big loss for sure, but the Broncos have faith that backup Chris Clark can pick up the slack and the offense won’t miss a beat. That will be important considering the Raiders surprisingly led the league in sacks after two weeks.

Still, with Manning at the helm and the best receiving corps in the league at his disposal, expect to see the Broncos continue their streak of scoring at least 40 points. That would leave a tall order for young Oakland quarterback Terrelle Pryor.

It’s not easy to put up that many points against this Broncos defense, especially in a place where the old home field advantage has returned with a vengeance. Oakland simply won’t be able to win a shootout in Denver, and Pryor will make some big mistakes while trying to keep pace with Manning.

I expect Mile High to be rocking tonight, and I expect this Broncos game to follow the script of the first two: Denver starts slow and lets the opponent have a little hope early, but then slowly but surely turns it into at least a 20 point lead in the second half.

The Raiders may be spryer than we anticipated so far into this young season, but they still are no match for the best in the AFC. Denver beats down the Raiders 45-20.

Go Broncos!

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  • Chris Schroeder

    Before we all take part in a morning session of “Mannings nuts look like gummy worms”. Let’s look at Mannings early success this year. Week 1. Th Boncos put up astounding numbers, oh wait, that’s right. The Ravens lost their 2 defensive team leaders, and have 9 new starters who pale in comparison to the team they had last year. Kind of saw that one coming, especially when they could barely breath in the oxygen depleted atmosphere. Week 2. Again, the Broncos beat the Giants in New Jersey. Oh wait… The Giants are 0-3 and just got beat by the Panthers 38-0 and yeah the Giants suck so bad I think it’s safe to say that Peyton Mannings numbers are so inflated that all the morons who refuse to see the truth will soon be brought back to reality. Broncos may win tonight, but to think they will put up 45 points on the 4th ranked defense because they did that to the 29th and 31st ranked defenses over the past 2 weeks is well…… RETARDED!!! Lol Please Kim keep em’ coming. I haven’t laughed this much in a while.

    • Ad Astra

      That’s a silly argument. First off, the defense ranks are 16 (Ravens) and 23 (Giants) after their week 3 games. Could it be that their low rank after week 2 was BECAUSE they got demolished by the Broncos? Any maybe, just maybe the Raiders D is rank 3 (going into tonight’s game) BECAUSE they played one decent team and one team that may not win a game all year? Win or lose, I’ll check in here tomorrow. My prediction is 48-19 Broncos and only because Fox shuts down the offense by the start of the fourth quarter. No need to risk injuries to starters by running up the score.

      • Chris Schroeder

        With Ryan Clady out and Clark going up against Lamarr Houston, and the Raiders having the number one sack defense. If you think that Peyton Manning will be anything but a punching bag tonight. I have to respect your optimism. Good luck to both of these teams, I think it will be a hard-fought game but seriously doubt a blowout by any stretch of the imagination

        • Ad Astra

          I guess we’ll see. I’m not impressed by a rank 1 stat when it breaks down to 5 sacks vs Jacksonville (the Chiefs got 6 vs them) and 4 vs Indy (Miami got 3 vs them). No doubt losing Clady sucks, but Peyton is best in the league at identifying blitzes, third fastest time-to-throw, and worked behind dinged up O-lines for years in Indy. I think the Broncos start slow as usual and it’ll be 17-13 at the half, followed by a big third quarter and Fox-ball in the fourth. I’d like to see Oz get some snaps in the fourth to get a look at how the post Peyton era might look in a few years. “Osweiler to Julius Thomas for the TD” has a nice ring to it.

        • Ad Astra

          So it was over by halftime. I’m a bit disappointed that the Broncos let off the gas and started bleeding the clock so soon. But on the other hand it did expose that the Raiders were just as bad at stopping the run as the pass. That amazing #1 sack defense really stuck it to Peyton too, huh? Houston had one nice speed rush with his sack/forced fumble (against a guy that didn’t make the team), but otherwise Peyton stayed clean all night.

  • Mark from Section 122

    Chris, Please allow me to give you a history lesson regarding the Broncos against the lowly Raiders at home..November 12, 2008 Raiders win in Denver 31-10, December 20, 2009 Raiders win in Denver 20-19, October 24, 2010, Raiders dominate in Denver 59-14, September 11, 2011 Raiders win in Denver 23-20. Now in 2012, the Broncos did manage to finally win one at home against the Raiders 37-6, but being 1-4 at home against the Silver and Black in the last 5 years shouldn’t generate that kind of enthusiasm in you. Especially when your team won at home for the first time in 5 years only last year, and only 3 years ago, was handed one of the most lop-sided defeats in the franchise history at home by the lowly Raiders who managed to score nearly 60 points. History lesson over, please put on your pointy hat and move to the back of the class.

    • Chris Schroeder

      Nice emphasis on reality bro. I admit now that the desperate Donkos have acquired the aging Peyton Manning, they look like a better team now that they’re not all hanging on Tim Tebow’s nuts. But win or lose tonight, it won’t change the fact that they will never win a Super Bowl with Peyton Manning. As good as he is, he is garbage in the playoffs. Now look those stats up Donko fans, before you buy your Super Bowl tickets

      • Nick doucher

        Chris, remember your rooting for a team that has sucked for the last 30 years!! Lol!!!!

        • Chris Schroeder

          Douch… Thats why I bleed black and silver baby. We got the baddest uniforms in the game, the baddest logo in the game. How horrible would it be to have a football team whose colors are orange and blue. Yuk, makes me want to put my fingers down my throat and puke. The Raiders got three Super Bowl rings, the donkeys only have two. The Raiders have won 60% of the meetings against the donkeys, and it’s been a real pleasure going into Milehigh over the last decade and embarrassing the donkeys in just about every meeting. Doubt we will win tonight since you guys threw away all your money on an elderly quarterback who will flop in the postseason but plays really well in the regular season. Good thing it will only last for a couple of years until the Raiders have their juggernaut and the Broncos are back to scraping the bottom of the barrel. Oh it’s funny how history repeats itself, especially with the Broncos LOL

          • Nick doucher

            No I think we’ll be having a similar conversation about 40 years of misery. The Broncos have a very young team minus Peyton and Champ, we’re here to stay “like usual” 2nd best record in the NFL over the past 30 years! yeah you have cool uniforms Lol!!! Enjoy watching your championships on NFL films video cassette recorder tapes, hope you had them digitally transferred so you can enjoy those championships you never saw.

    • DXW

      Mark, how did the Raiders do against the Donkey’s in 96-98?

      What? You say that’s not relevant because you can’t predict how a team will do based on how they’ve played in years past? You say there are different players suiting up, and those teams were completely different?

      Ah, I get it… Do you?

      Broncos 49
      Raiders 10

  • Mark from Section 122

    Chris allow me to give you a history lesson regarding the Broncos versus the lowly Raiders at home in Denver. November 12, 2008, Raiders WIN 31-10, December 20, 2009, Raiders WIN 20-19, October 24, 2010, Raiders Dominate and WIN 59-14, September 12, 2011, Raiders WIN 23-20. Now in 2012, the Broncos did finally manage a win at home over the Raiders 37-6, but I hardly think that a record of 1-4 at home against the Silver and Black in the last 5 years is hardly a reason for such over confidence as displayed in your article. Especially true when the only win came just last year and when one of those losses was one of the worst in Broncos franchise history when the Raiders scored nearly 60 points. Lesson over, now put on your pointy hat and move to the rear of the class.

    • Ad Astra

      Hmm, lets see, 2008-2011: Cutler-Orton-Orton-Tebow. Only one of the three is even starting QB material and it was Cutler’s first full season as a starter. History is fine, but lets keep it relevant. In the Manning Era, the Broncos are 15-4 with losses to Ravens (SB Champs), Pats (2nd place in AFC), Texans (3/4th in AFC), and Falcons (2nd place NFC). I seriously doubt the raiders are going to be able to add their name to that list.

      • Chris Schroeder

        “The Manning era” Wow, Manning is a blip on the screen for you guys. He was a franchise quarterback for the Colts and now he is 37 years old. He doesn’t play well in the playoffs and never has. In his 15-16 years he has 1 Super Bowl ring. He was a bad investment for the Broncos. When they should’ve been putting all of their cards into a franchise quarterback through the draft they elected to go all in with a huge contract to pull the
        guy coming in off of a major neck surgery at 37 years old. It’s great for a couple of years while Manning is lasting through his old age keeping the Broncos relevant, but in the end. The difference is…. The Raiders have 3 Super Bowl rings, and are trying to get back to the glory days from rebuilding their team with young talented players who will stay with us through the ages. The Broncos are going all the marbles in a guy who will never get in there, and even if he does, he will lose. He’s just too old to sustain a season of this magnitude in these type of months and conditions. In other words, everything you’re seeing from the Broncos right now is like a “Houdini magic trick” it’s great for the moment but a year or 2 from now nobody will remember it, and you guys will be right back to getting your butts kicked up and down the field by the Oakland Raiders who by then will have built a juggernaut. Next year the Raiders will have more cap room than any other team in the NFL. If you think we have to pumbled you guys over the last decade imagine what it will look like once your old man quarterback is gone, and the Broncos are left paying for his nonproductive preseason performances. I felt bad for all the stupid decisions the Broncos organization has made over the past decade even though most of them were laughable. But this cry of desperation takes the cake for me. All it’s going to do is the same thing it did against the ravens last season, end in disappointment, but this time it’ll be a lasting disappointment for years to come.

        • Nick doucher

          Your a fool to say the Broncos don’t have a good chance to win a Super Bowl, I understand how hard it is, but they are the favorite for a reason. Your team is pathetic and has been for the last 30 years, you probably weren’t alive for the “Glory days” I’ll take the Broncos 2 Super Bowl titles, and 6 AFC championships that I lived through and watched. Your team is chronically sick from Al Davis, and now his son. I wish the Seahawks would have stayed in the division and the Raiders would have hauled as! The Broncos have a bad season every now and then, and your team has a good season every now and then. Point is your team is ruining the reputation of the AFC west.

        • Ad Astra

          That’s funny… franchise building advice from a Raiders fan. News flash: every year the Raiders say “next year we will dominate”, “next year is our year”… You’ve had an entire DECADE of losing or .500 seasons and being the cellar dwellers of the weakest conference (3rd/4th). People said the same things about Elway near the end of his career: “he can’t get it done in the playoffs”, but back to back SBs have a great way of shutting people up.