You think you know the Denver Broncos? Try this on for size

Broncos fans in the grandstands against the Baltimore Ravens during the AFC divisional round playoff game at Sports Authority Field. (Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports)

Broncos fans in the grandstands against the Baltimore Ravens during the AFC divisional round playoff game at Sports Authority Field. (Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports)

Here is a quick Dirty Dozen (plus one) quiz regarding the Denver Broncos.  Circle the correct answer – and keep your eyes on your own paper.  Answers at end of quiz.

Question 1:  The Broncos have shown after two games that they are:

A.)  Really good;  B.)  Really, really good;  C.)  Easily the class of the AFC West;  D.)  Not to be trifled with during the regular season.

Question 2:  Bronco quarterback Peyton Manning is:

A.)  The second-best Bronco QB ever, behind Frank Tripucka, of course;  B.)  Going to be decent when he understands Adam Gase’s offense;  C.)  Still unable to throw the deep ball;  D.)  Better than all the rest of the Mannings, Archie included.

Question 3:  Denver’s best running back is:

A.)  Floyd Little;  B.)  Knowshon Moreno;  C.)  Montee Ball or Ronnie Hillman, depending on which one can hold onto the ball the longest;  D.)  Willis McGahee.

Question 4:  The first loss for the Broncos will come:

A.)  Monday night at home against the Oakland Raiders;  B.)  In October of 2014;  C.)  Nov. 24 in New England against the Patriots;   D.)  In the second round of the playoffs in their playoff opener at home against Baltimore.

Question 5:  Denver’s defensive backfield is:

A.)  Getting hosed by the National Football League’s blind zebras;  B.)  A bunch of cheaters;  C.)  In need of refinement in terms of technique;  D.)  Just fine, thank you.

Question 6:  Bronco linebacker Von Miller is:

A.)  Losing money as we speak;  B.)  Going to give Jack Del Rio’s defense a huge boost when he comes back in Week 7;  C.)  Really, truly sorry, and he really, truly means it;  D.)  Von who?

Question 7:  The AFC and a berth in the Super Bowl is Denver’s for the taking if the Broncos can just get by:

A.)  Suddenly scary opponents in the AFC West – 2-0 Kansas City, and San Diego and Oakland, both 1-1;  B.)  Jacksonville in Week 6;  C.)  Tom Brady and Julius Edleman in Week 12;  D.)  The Baltimore Ravens any time it matters.

Question 8:  New Bronco starting tight end Julius Thomas is:

A.)  Antonio Gates Reincarnate;  B.)  Not a bad guy to look for when you can’t see Wes Welker;  C.)  Going to be a pretty decent player when he learns how to block;  D.)  Making us all forget about Joel Dreessen and, yes, even Jacob Tamme.

Question 9:  Speaking of Wes Welker, it is apparent after two games he:

A.)  Adds a new dimension to an already loaded offensive arsenal;   B.)  Is really short;  C.)  Is going to be OK when he learns how to hang onto the ball;  D.)  Almost on the Manning level – both Peyton and Eli – when it comes to television commercials.

Question 10:  The Broncos, thanks to the hurry-up, no-huddle offense, are:

A.)  Leaving foes gasping for air by the second quarter;  B.)  The scourge of the NFL;  C.)  Tough to prepare for;  D.)  Rather exhausted themselves.

Question 11:  The Broncos have had plenty of time to prepare for their first two foes.  The Broncos are at their best when:

A.)  They have more than a week to prepare;  B.)  They have a short week allowing three or less days of practice;  C.)  They have a playoff game after a bye week;  D.)  They are playing in late January or early February.

Question 12:  Bronco QB Peyton Manning is on pace to:

A.)  Lose his second Super Bowl;  B.)  Win his second Super Bowl;  C.)  Pass for more than 60,000 yards – this season;  D.)  Double the sales of Buick, Papa John’s, MasterCard and virtually any other company you have ever heard of.

Extra Credit:  John Elway is:

A.)  Feeling rather smug;  B.)  Worried about the demise of his golf game;  C.)  In need of a better barber;  D.)  Hoping his good friend Matt Russell has learned his lesson and can now pay attention to his duties.

   ANSWERS:  1. A, B, C, D;  2. B, C, D;  3. D;  4. C;  5. A, C, D;  6. A, B, C, D;  7. A, B, C, D;  8. A, B, D;  9. A,  B, C;  10. A, B, C;  11. A.  12. B, D;  Extra Credit:  C, D.

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