The Voice of Broncos Country: TheMadFanatic

Every member of Broncos Country has a story about how they became a diehard Denver Broncos fan.

For some it’s a common bond among family or seeing an epic game or magical Elway-comeback and getting hooked instantly. For others it can be much simpler.

Such is the case for the TheMadFanatic, a native of New Haven, Connecticut. For him it came down to liking the orange and blue, as well as a little bit of good timing.

TheMadFanatic really started to follow the Broncos when he was in middle school, right after the team introduced their new uniforms prior to the 1997 season. Considering the Broncos went on to win back-to-back Super Bowls it’s not hard to understand how he became a lifer.

“When I was a kid I picked my teams based on colors, and orange was always my favorite color. But it wasn’t until they switched to their new jerseys that I really became a Broncos fan, and it was awesome because as soon as I became a fan they won the Super Bowl and won it the next year too,” TheMadFanatic said.

“At first it was the jerseys, but as soon as I knew the team and learned John Elway’s story about coming close and their history, I loved the team. It’s like this: I like the Knicks, I like the Mets, but I love the Broncos.”

However it wasn’t until 2010 that he became TheMadFanatic.

That was the year he ended up in a hospital for what doctors called a drug induced psychosis. At that point marijuana was a big part of his life, but after hitting rock bottom he decided to give it up for good and get back on track.

What followed was one of the most difficult stretches of his life and for about 8 months he lost all ambition and inspiration. As an aspiring singer/songwriter who suddenly couldn’t create he felt lost and hopeless. But that all changed when he heard the song Green and Yellow by Lil Wayne during the week of that year’s Super Bowl.


It was like a bolt of lightning to him. He was suddenly motivated to write a song about the Denver Broncos, and what followed helped him recover from the lows he experienced in 2010.

“At that point in my life the only bright spot in my day was watching football. I would get on the message boards and argue with other Broncos fans, talk about the draft, and it was just the only thing I still liked doing. I didn’t have much interest in my friends and family. I just wasn’t me. I couldn’t write about that stuff because I wasn’t really living. But after I heard that song I had something to write about all of a sudden. The Broncos.”

TheMadFanatic went on to write the song Blue and Orange and it quickly made an impact through social media. He was on to something.

“I got a crazy joy from doing that song. Then I went on to do another song, and another song, and I was like you know what? I don’t want to rap about other things or sports in general. I just want to rap about the Broncos all the time because of the way the fans and players responded. I think what if Von Miller or somebody listens to one of my songs and goes out to play ready to go. It’s my way to help the team,” he said.

“Right now I’m trying to be the voice of the fan base. My #1 goal is to show everyone that we have the best fan base in all of sports.”

It snowballed from there. TheMadFanatic has put out a couple albums, has a website ( where you can buy his music and get some songs for free, and he’s even had a song played on The Jim Rome Show. He’s also an active member on Twitter and you can find him here: @TheMadFanatic.

Furthermore, things are just getting started. The next big project for TheMadFanatic is an album called Unfinished Business. It’s a soundtrack for the 2013-2014 campaign where he’ll be releasing a song during every week of the season. The song for the next game will come out right after the previous game and it will focus on the Broncos and their next opponent.

A song titled The Rematch written for the season opener is already out and can be found on his website or YouTube.

Not only that, TheMadFanatic will be performing in Denver on September 4th and will be filming a music video with the fans at Sports Authority Field at Mile High the day of the Ravens game on September 5th. He’s also making a push to get his music played in the stadium on game days.

TheMadFanatic’s performance on September 4th will be at Roo Bar at 3480 Park Avenue West. He’ll be performing The Rematch at 9:30 pm and there will be food and prize giveaways during the event. Check out his website and twitter feed for details on the music video shoot. It will take place at the stadium at 2:00 pm on September 5th.

So what does TheMadFanatic predict will happen during the season opener against Baltimore, and what’s his prediction for the season?

“I think we’re going to beat Baltimore by double digits. We still have something to prove and they’re coming off the championship; we’ll be the hungrier team. If I had to pick a score I’d go 38-17,” he said.

“Before the injuries to the offensive line and the Von Miller situation I honestly believed we were going to go 19-0 this season. Now I think they’ll probably go 14-2 during the regular season, and I definitely believe we’re winning the Super Bowl.”


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