Aug 15, 2012; Cortland, NY, USA; New York Jets defensive back Darrelle Revis (24) walks back to the locker room following practice at SUNY Cortland. Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Darrelle Revis to the Broncos?

Could Darrelle Revis be a Bronco this year?

As reported by Incarcerated Bob on 02/28 the Denver Broncos are 1 of 3 teams who have made offers to the Jets for Darrelle Revis. Along with the Vikings and the Saints the Denver Broncos appear to be making a play for the Jets’ star corner.

The rumor mill has it that Denver is offering the Jets Elvis Dumervil and possibly a 1st round pick for Revis. This is about the only way that this deal will work for our beloved Broncos. The cap space that trading Dumervil would free up in addition to the 2.4million in extra cap that teams were given this year, may very well be enough for the Broncos to be able to afford Revis.

I for one am against this deal. Yes, Champ Bailey had a bad game against Baltimore, but our top 3 corners last year as a whole performed phenomenally. Part of the reason we performed so well was because of our excellent pass rush. I think giving up the team’s second leading sack master to bolster a corps of DB’s that is already top 3 in the league seems like a ridiculous idea.

I have all the faith in the world that our lord and savior (VP Football Operations) John Elway would never lead this team astray but from the outside looking in: I don’t like the way this deal looks right now.

Let me know what you think below in the comments. Is it worthwhile to give up ½ of Doom and Gloom for Darrelle Revis?

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  • Dakota

    I’m not very informed on the cap situation but maybe trading Elvis would open up a spot for Dwight Freeny?

    • KimCon14

      It would, but Freeny isn’t what he used to be.

  • DailyDose

    Dakota makes a very good point. The Broncos have apparently shown some interest in Freeny. But Freeny is not the Freeny of the past. But then, Dumervil really went unnoticed in a few games this past season. Yeah he had 11.5 sacks, but remember where the majority of those came from…the final minutes of a game already won. They were almost never game changing sacks. Dumervil makes too much money for a guy who doesn’t play strong against the run.

    • KimCon14

      Without a good pass rush, the big names in the secondary don’t matter. The NFL is a passing league and the rules protect the offense more than ever, so receivers would get open eventually. Teams still have to account for Dumervil which is a big task in addition to trying to stop Miller. I think Freeny is less of a threat than Doom.

  • KimCon14

    Say Revis comes to Denver for Dumervil. Then what? Is it worth considering moving Champ to safety and letting some younger legs (Chris Harris, Revis) take over on the outside?

  • baggyco

    Not worth it… Revis a question mark coming off of a torn ACL. We’d be better off gambling with 1 million rather than 16. by that I mean either Rhodes, Trufant, or Banks should be available @ 28 in the draft and they don’t come with Revis’ price tag. Dumervil is one of the best closers in the game and isn’t very injury prone. I don’t it’s worth losing one of our best players and a truly one of a kind player.

    • KimCon14

      A solid pass rush is better than a solid secondary.

  • Rick S.

    Dumerville was NOT brought up as part of the trade by Incarcerated Bob… I don’t think the Jets would take him in a trade unless Denver absorbed most of his cap hit. Elvis is still good, he’s just not as good as his contract. Given Elvis’ contract and the fact that freeney, who is very similar, is on the market for likely less, make it hard to believe he would be part if the trade.

    If the Jets wanted a player as an add in. it would be for one of Denver’s good young players that are still on their first contract. Guessing that Miller, DT & Clady untouchable, it would mean Players like Chris Harris, Eric Decker, Franklin. Wolfe would be players they’d have to give up.

  • Christopher R. Thayer

    Elvis is a over paid bum!!! Revis could change are backfield. Freeney could be in play.

  • Tim Johns

    I think giving up Elvis would be insane. If they bring in maybe Freeney to handle that side, then maybe. Freeney in that system would be huge. But Elvis seems to disappear in games that matter. Agains the Ravens, he might as well just had sit that game out. Freeney is always involved, just the system he was in last year, was not him. Being a long time colts fan, but really watching the broncos since I am more a Manning fan (UT VOLS Ties), I would love to see Freeney, but if Revis is healthy, and we get Freeney, or another DE that brings it, then go for it, but to give up Elvis and a number 1, no thanks. Revis is good, but I think he is a bit over rated. Deion Sanders he isnt. I would honestly prefer to bring Freeney in vs. Revis for the other side, move Wolfe inside, and talk about a line to reckon with. Now you have to watch both ends (like they had to with Freeney and Mathis), but now you have to account for Miller, something the colts never had. Wow. Thats a team. You have Wolfe inside with either vickerson or the other DT, sorry, name escapes me. Draft a a good LBer and a safety.

  • Logan

    let’s not forget about Quinton Carter. although he missed last year due to injury, he will be back in 2013 & will only improve our defense. I would love to have revis but doom and a #1 is simply too much