Tim Tebow is walking into an unsettled locker room in New York. Can he turn that around? (Al Bello/Getty Images)

How Tim Tebow Will Fit In With The N.Y. Jets

With Tim Tebow being traded to the New York Jets, I wanted to talk to someone extremely knowledgable about the Jets to find out just how effective Tebow will be for them. That’s why I asked Jet Press senior editor Alan Schechter some questions about the team he knows best.

Q: Who got the better end of this trade at least off the bat?

A: I’m one of the few guys in New York that likes this from the Jets’ perspective.  At first look at the trade, I find it fairly equal because the Jets only lose one net draft pick, and Tebow doesn’t cost a lot of money.  Not that the Jets had a lot of money to spend on the cap, but Tim came pretty cheaply.  Tim Tebow is a talented guy, so on paper I think the trade is fairly even.  Not many in New York will agree with me, but I think it’s even, and can work out for the Jets.

Q: New York may be the only city that can handle Tebow’s popularity, but can the Jets handle it with so many strong personalities on the team already?

A: Kim, that is the biggest question that needs to be answered before the jury can come back on this trade.  Everyone knows how fractured the locker room became by the end of last year, and that Rex Ryan was unaware of it.  That, is scary.  Tim Tebow with his youth and excitement for learning and winning might just be the cure it needs.  The kid knows how to win, and you can’t teach that.  He has the potential to revive the room.  However, Santonio Holmes can’t be thrilled that the Jets will be running more Wildcat plays.  He may become even more mouthy than he was.  If that happens, the Jets are in big trouble.  If everyone buys in, the team can handle it.  If not, they can’t.  So, yes they can handle it, but it will take work.

Q: Does this acquisition make the Jets a bigger threat in their division?

A: Hard to say that this makes the Jets a bigger threat.  It depends upon how this influences Mark Sanchez.  If it motivates him to play better, the Jets could become a bigger threat.  Sanchez is a fragile guy, despite what he says.  He may crawl into himself the first time he throws an INT and the fans start chanting Tebow’s name.  Then the 2012 season will go down the toilet.  So to answer your question is that potentially it makes them tougher.  A lot of things have to fall into place though.

Q: Tell me how you think the Jets would be most effective using Tebow. 

A: He will be most effective coming in used for “wrinkle” type plays.  He will be working with Tony Sparano, who brought the Wildcat to the NFL, and the team will create some packages for him.  The way Tebow runs, especially the way he did in that last drive against the Jets, he can be a big threat in the run game, near the goaline, red zone, places like this.  He has to be the number 2 quarterback or Mark Sanchez will totally lose confidence.  But for some plays that can change the pace, I think he could be very effective.  Put him in there, with the weapons the Jets have, these odd formations could drive defenses a little crazy.

Q: What will drive Jets fans more crazy? Rex Ryan’s large personality or Tebow’s clean-cut image?

A: Rex’s personality by far.  I am sure that the Tebow fans will be joining us here in New York, and he will have a huge following.  Rex’s boasting will still drive the Jets fans crazier, by a long shot.  I think Tim Tebow’s character will be endearing to Jets fans, I really do.

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