It's all defense in Denver. (Julie Jacobson/AP Photo)

Broncos Defense Allows Just 39 Yards Total Offense In First Half

At the half it’s Broncos 10 Seahawks 3. This has been a defensive game, with the Broncos defense looking more aggressive than ever. With that said, let’s start of with defensive highlights because there were many.

Defensive highlights:

    • The first defensive drive was an exclamation point with Von Miller pressuring Tarvaris Jackson and then a group pressure to force the Seahawks into a three and out.
    • The second defensive drive was a three and out highlighted by a pass breakup by Andre Goodman.
    • Cassius Vaughn was a bobble away from a pick-6.
    • Kevin Vickerson showed his brute strength by taking a Seattle running back down for a loss of 4 yards.
    • Wesley Woodyard slipped inside to sack Jackson for a loss of 6.
    • On a 3rd and 8 in the second quarter, Brian Dawkins batted down a pass, forcing the Seahawks to punt.
    • Von Miller sacked Jackson for a loss of 5 while Elvis Dumervil sacked him for a loss of 7.
    • On 3rd and 4, Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil pressered Jackson, forcing the Seahawks to punt with 1:06 left.
    • The longest run of the half was 10 yards and the longest reception of the half was 11 yards.
    • The Seahawks have just 39 yards of total offense.

    Offensive highlights:

    • Rookie Julius Thomas has impressed with 3 catches for 50 yards.
    • There was no goal line trouble this time. McGahee punched the ball into the endzone from 2 yards out for the half’s only TD.
    • Knowshon Moreno is a man of positive yards. Combined with Willis McGahee, the Broncos have 75 yards rushing this half.
    • Kyle Orton to Eric Decker for a 24 yard gain which eventually set up the Broncos TD.
    • Save the one sack, the offensive line has been doing an incredible job protecting Orton.
    • Matt Prater ends the half nearly making a 69-yard field goal.

    Defensive lowlights:

    • D.J. Williams left the game with an elbow injury. Brodrick Bunkley left the game with a knee injury. His return is questionable.

    Offensive lowlights:

    • The first drive was a frustrating event marked by two penalties which forced Denver into a first and 20 from their own 10 yard line. They later were forced to punt.
    •  Kyle Orton was intercepted by Chris Clemons.
    • The 3rd drive for the offense was marked by a three and out which was highlighted by an Orton sack for a loss of 15 and a McGahee run of 2 yards.
    • Converting on 3rd and 1 or 4th and 1 has been impossible for the Broncos. They failed to convert on both attempts.
    • Daniels Fells dropped a pass from Orton which would have resulted in a first down late in the second quarter.
    Stay tuned for the second half and for post game interviews.
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