Tim Tebow discusses his new book on The Mike Huckabee Show (www.mrctv.org)

Tim Tebow on The Mike Huckabee Show

As I searched YouTube for Denver Bronco items last week, I decided to watch Tim Tebow promote his new book, Through My Eyes, on The Mike Huckabee Show.  I have heard quite a bit about Tim Tebow but have not had the opportunity to see him myself.  I was pleasantly surprised after having watched the short interview. 

As I watched the interview, I quickly realized Tim Tebow is definitely a positive role model for both young and mature individuals as he lives out one of his goals of being an NFL quarterback.  During  the interview, Tim discussed how he became a Christian and how his faith leads him daily; it is not just something he preaches or talks about, but the way he actually lives.  Many people may be aware that, while in college, Tim wore black eye tape below his eyes with Bible verses written on them.  Tim shared a story about how he made a decision to switch the verse from Philippians 4:13 to John 3:16 before the National Championship game against Oklahoma.  A couple days after the game, the Florida Public Relations Department learned that 94,000,000 people Googled John 3:16 when they saw that verse during the game.  Also discussed during the interview with Governor Huckabee, was the Focus on the Family commercial Tim made with his mom prior to Super Bowl XLIV explaining how his mother was told her difficult pregnancy was putting her life in danger, and she was encouraged to end the pregnancy – an option she chose not to accept as she left the plan to God, instead.

It remains to be seen whether or not Tim Tebow’s career in the NFL will result in NFL Championships, or even a lot of wins for that matter, but one thing is for sure – all people can look to Tim Tebow and be inspired by this man’s faith, his true character, and his desire to make the world he lives in a better place.

Mike Huckabee, while making his closing statements at the end of the interview, indicated he was becoming a big Denver Bronco fan because of his absolute admiration for Tim Tebow.  I am comfortable speaking for all of BroncoNation when I say, “Welcome aboard Governor Huckabee.”

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