Ryan Harris Defends Jay Cutler

Last week I wrote about Jay Cutler and his injury in the NFC Conference Championship game. Well, Broncos right tackle Ryan Harris has come to Cutler’s defense.

“I know him [Cutler] from my experience with him, and my experience was that he was always tough and always focused on the game,” Harris said of Cutler, who suffered a Grade 2 sprain of the MCL in his left knee that kept him from continuing in the NFC title game. “I’m sure it was tough for him to come out of that game, especially with how hard the Bears played as a team all year long to get where they were.”Chicago Breaking Sports

Go here to see what else Harris had to say.

It didn’t take long for the Cutler critics to show their face after the QB left in the third quarter of the most important game of his career. There’s no doubt that Cutler is a very good QB when he’s in the right system, but I’d take the “heart” over “raw talent” any day of the week.

It didn’t look like Cutler was a man who just lost the Conference Championship game that sent the Bears heated rivals, the Green Bay Packers to the Super Bowl, but I’ll let you be the judge.

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  • drose1

    I’am from chicago and jay cutler keeps me from being a bears fan!! Damn i just cant accept his attitude and believe me i love the bears, but cutler ruined it for me!! He just seems like such a selfish prick and he really does treat people badly, well at least from what i’ve seen and heard. Hopefully he starts treating people with a little dignity then maybe i can be a bears fan again. O well will see!!

    • Chris Krier

      Denver fans are not to surprised to see the drama surrounding Cutler, and we do not feel sorry for him.

    • Bill

      Jay Cutler is the reason I am a bears fan, my good friend and cousin has type 1 diabetes and plays professional soccer. He is brilliant and hardworking and extremely talented and guess what? After he plays a game of soccer my cousin is pretty tired and low energy, of course you submentals wouldn’t understan, but it’s TYPE I DIABETES. On a further note you can have everything in the world, but if Jay Cutler stops you from being a bears fan, you can’t say you are a Bears fan. Period.

      His performance this year has been phenomenal, thank you Jay.

      • drose1

        Bill, wait until you meet him I’am sure your opinion might change!!He’s a dickhead!!!

  • GeoMak

    Total nonsense.

    Nobody watches more tape than Ron Jaworski. He recently said he watched every play of the first half of that game 20-30 times . . . to try and see when Cutler actually hurt his knee.

    Jaws determined that it was the first play of the second quarter, when Cutler threw a ‘jump pass’ from his own end zone and was gangtackled at the knees. According to Jaws, Cutler then played the entire second quarter with that injury.

    After being told by the medical staff that he was done, Cutler then tried to play in the third quarter, before shutting it down.

    Jaworski is third on the all-time consecutive starts list with 116 regualr season starts. He also has had that same injury suffered by Cutler.

    Jaws had absolutely NO problem at all with Cutler missing the rest of that game (JUST like Phillip Rivers once di in a playoff game against the Colts).

    Of course, Ron Jaworski actully KNOWS what he’s talking about, unlike most of the fans and media and even players who made idiotic comments concerning Cutler’s toughness.

    As far as his sideline demeanor? Umm, he’s not a ‘cheerleader’. He’s not a ‘coach’. Who cares what he looked like on the sidelines? Any cheering or coaching by Cutkler would have ZERO effect on the game. ZERO!

    He DOES have Type 1 diabetes, which is a serious illness known to affect one’s demeanor.

    Ya might read what John Madden, who’s been around the AFL/NFL forever had to say about all things Jay Cutler.


    • drose1

      Type one diabetes effects the demeanor? then he must have constant low blood sugar if thats the case because he looks like that all the time. I’ve had type one diabetes since i was 13 years old and I’am now 29 and ive never had the cutler demeanor. It has little to do with diabetes what Madden said was a joke it’s just an excuse. He has the best professional medical care at his disposal I’am sure his blood sugars are fine. It’s more about attitude and i have been a first hand witness of this for the past two years in chicago. The sad thing is i think he’s always been like this going back to denver and even vandy.

      • GeoMak

        Someone else on ESPN or NFL Network said the same thing, so I guess they must be joking.

        Who cares about his ‘demeanor?’ I don’t.

        He’s not a cheerleader, he’s not a coach. He’s a player . . . one who’s been running for his life ever since he landed in Chicago with that offensive line and now the Mike Martz system.

        Nobody complained about him when he ws sacked NINE times . . . in the FIRST half of the game against the Giants, did they?

        Who cares what he does on the sidelines? Total nonsense.