PO Is Looking For Additional Writers

Whether you dream of being a sports writer or simply want to voice your opinion about the Denver Broncos, here’s your chance!

I’m looking for more writers to help contribute to the site. I’ve had a lot of great opportunities since starting at Predominantly Orange three years ago. I’ve had the chance to interview Bronco greats, John Elway, Gary Zimmerman, and Karl Mecklenberg. I’ve been able to build my resume by contributing to NFL.com, Fox Sports, and CBS Sports. I’ve also received press credentials for training camp and a regular season game as well as a lot of other perks that come with the territory.

If you’re interested in giving this a try, please email me a 400-600 word writing sample about the Broncos. It can cover any aspect of the team. I’m looking for creative, informed, and passionate writers to help me cover one of the greatest franchises in all of sports.

You will be required to contribute to the site at least once per week. If you’re not able to fulfill this requirement, please do not apply. This is an unpaid gig for now, but who knows what the future holds.

You can send the writing sample and any other questions you may have to [email protected]

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  • John Fox

    Seriously Kim, How do you expect to recruit new writers when obviously nobody reads this blog?

    • Kim Constantinesco

      You’re right – no one reads it. Including you, right?

      • John Fox

        Who ever said I READ anything here? I just scroll through and count up the lack of comments. I’m just trying to add some comments when nobody else will.

        • Kim Constantinesco

          Sounds like you need to find a hobby.

          • John Fox

            You are right. I would LOVE to have a hobby. But taking care of and providing for 3 children while my wife battles terminal cancer takes up 98% of my time. Why do you think all my comments are in the middle of the night? It’s the only time I have to myself.
            I’ll do my best to try to find a “hobby”.

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  • Christopher McLean

    The volume of comments on this site does not correlate with its quality. This blog is clean, easy to navigate and well informed. Kim runs this site with professionalism and integrity. It would be not only an honor to write about the Denver Broncos, but also for this site.

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