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Love Tebow? Hate him? Join the club

No matter how you feel about Tim Tebow as the next starter under center for the Denver Broncos, this much is certain: This is one polarizing dude.

Tebow’s strident Christian conservative views certainly contribute to the strong opinions of him, but not many can honestly argue the quality of his play–including his limited time in Denver–is subpar. As I’ve noted before, the guy has more heart than most, and that was enough to earn two national titles and a Heisman Trophy at the University of Florida.

But we’ve all heard the doubters–perhaps the most fervent is ESPN’s Colin Cowherd, who just doesn’t believe Tebow will evolve into a quality NFL signal-caller. We’ve all heard talk about his arm strength (or lack of it); we’ve heard about his odd throwing motion (Jon Gruden–from this blog to God’s ears … Gruden could be the next head coach of the Broncos–spent time in the off-season with Tebow working on that looping release); we’ve even heard NFL thugs like Ray Lewis question whether Tebow was worth all the hype–and all the help from guys like Gruden.

I wrote a post earlier this week that was hardly critical of the guy (but I think it WAS realistic), and had some foam-at-the-mouther dispute my claims point by point (Tebow’s cousin, perhaps?), and quite forcefully, I might add.

The point is, there is no middle ground with this guy. You either love him or you hate him. What we all need, though, is time. Tebow most of all.

There’s no disputing the guy’s will to win–I’ve been watching the NFL for 40 years, and that energy, that drive … that heart that beats inside Tim Tebow’s chest is rarely matched. There’s also no doubt that, without Tebow under center at Florida, Urban Meyer doesn’t win two titles, and he doesn’t retire to spend more time with his family, legacy intact.

Can Tebow will the Broncos to championships? We’ve seen it done before in the Mile High City. John Elway willed the Broncos to three Super Bowls, but he couldn’t will a team with inferior overall talent to actually win one of those games. When Elway finally held the Lombardi Trophy over his head, he did it propped up by a team that might have won Super Bowls without him. To will a team to a title in the NFL will take something very special. And it will take talent.

Does Tebow have the talent (go ahead, Tebow fans–start the love fest)? I have no idea. I know he has heart, and I respect that. But before we get all demonstrative, let’s see how far that heart can go, and let’s see if there is some innate talent hidden beneath that fiery hot desire to win. If there is, the Broncos have the quarterback of the future under contract. If not, they have a great guy with passion and energy–they might have to find the talent somewhere else.

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  • Joel

    The fact is that winning, and how it transpires, rarely has to do with raw talent.

    And as proof I offer up all the first round draft pics that have fizzled mightily.

    The fact is that Tebow was only a few votes shot of winning not one but TWO HEISMAN TROPHIES…in addition to his 2 Nat’l Championships.

    The kid is winner and his attitude is simply amazing – especially in this day & age of pro sports.

    The fact is no one ever threw harder than Jeff George and……..

    ’nuff said..

    Let’s see what this cat can do. Either way, it will be fun to watch.

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  • Jimmy Wall

    Just like the fallacy that school grades prove business success (multitude of examples here), talent is not the sole indicator for winning.

    I’m surprised that was your angle as the writer. Seems rather trite.

  • Andy Catsimanes

    Man I hate it when supposed writers (even sports writers) are so sloppy in their choice of words.

    strident: characterized by harsh, insistent, and discordant sound ; also : commanding attention by a loud or obtrusive quality

    In what way are Tebow’s Christian (assumedly conservative) views “strident”?

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  • Commenter

    “I wrote a post earlier this week that was hardly critical of the guy (but I think it WAS realistic), and had some foam-at-the-mouther dispute my claims point by point (Tebow’s cousin, perhaps?), and quite forcefully, I might add.”

    Wow. Thanks for the name-calling. I’m assuming you were talking about me. Wasn’t expecting that from a sports writer.

    I’m not Tim Tebow’s cousin or a “foam-at-the-mouther” as you suggested. The simple fact is it doesn’t appear that you have really watched him play much if you say that “Heart, not talent, Tebow’s best asset”. You can have all the heart you want to, but without an abundance of talent you will not dominate the SEC or DIV I football like he did. You would not win the Heisman, nor throw for 300 yds in an NFL game (no matter what team you played against).

    Look back at what I commented on in your last article and all I did was point to statistics. Your critcisms seemed to be regurgitations of other analysts who have formed some bizzare mob mentality stance refuting Tebow’s QBing prowess. There is no statistical basis for the claims you made in that article. When you call someone “dangerously inaccurate” and point to one INT in two games as the evidence, you can’t really be surprised when someone questions it. Most QBs in the NFL will throw at least one INT over two games.

    I respect your opinion, but I disagree. I won’t stoop to name calling, though. I’ll just point to the facts.



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  • S.C. Hunt

    And thanks for proving my point, FATM.

    Read the substance the article–I’m not a Tebow basher (in fact, as a lifelong Bronco fan, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone more hopeful that he can succeed in Denver). Instead, you’re more interested in dissecting the words and looking for slights (real or imagined) against your boy.

    For the record, I love Tebow’s spirit, his energy and his drive. That said, I stand by my comments in this article and the earlier piece, in which I questioned his readiness as an NFL starter. You don’t have to agree, but if you don’t see his obvious instinctive desire to run before he throws, or his dangerous passes late across the middle or into double (or triple) coverage, then you’re the one who’s not watching his play with a critical eye.

    Again, i hope he succeeds… I’m a fan, but I’m also a realist.

    S.C. Hunt

  • Commenter

    With all due respect, you are writing a sports column so you should expect your words to get dissected. I do not believe that I proved your point in any way, but if you somehow want to extrapolate that from my comments, then so be it. The issue is not whether I agree with your statements or not, but rather that your assessments are not based upon fact. I am a Tebow fan, but make no mistake, he is not the only cause that I have taken up. I also defended the Miami Heat’s poor start when all the sports analysts spoke of a collapse and started circling the wagons for Erik Spoelstra to get fired a mere 20 games into the season. I also think Mewelde Moore is a better running back than Rashard Mendenhall… But I digress…

    Let us first address what “run-first” means. Perhaps we have a different concept of what running first means. In college, Tim Tebow’s career rushing attemps vs passing attempts were as follows:

    - 692 rushing attempts
    - 995 passing attempts

    So far in the NFL, here are Tebow’s stats:

    - 30 rushing attempts
    - 45 passing attempts

    So, in spite of the mathematics of it all, are you to have us believe that Tim Tebow is unlike any other human being who has ever played as a professional football QB? Are you suggesting that he actually looks to run first, but when the run play breaks down, he starts to look downfield for a pass? Because that is the only way he could have a higher pass attempt count if he infact is a “run-first” QB. Conventional wisdom would suggest that many of his rushing attempts were the result of broken down pass plays.

    So… I ask again, what constitutes “run-first”? I was under the impression that he would have to have more rushing attempts. But like I said earlier, maybe you will make a vain attempt to argue that he changes run plays into pass plays after the ball is snapped.

    The second question I have for you, is at what point is someone considered an NFL starter? If they can throw and run for touchdowns in the NFL with a 100.7 passer rating, do they meet your requirement? Granted it has only been two games, but the evidence so far suggests he is good enough. Kyle Orton could have beat the Texans also. Brady Quinn is the one I am not sure about.

    Look, I am not suggesting that Tebow is perfect. I just do not understand why other rookie QBs who I believe are inferior, such as Bradford, McCoy, and Clausen are not scrutinized in the same way. Tebow served us well for four years at the University of Florida. Be glad that you have him now. I also wasn’t sure about all the hype surrounding him when he got to UF. He ended up deserving every bit of it.

  • KiraRaymond

    Why can’t a jets defensive LB kick the shit out of Tebow, break a limb and finally we can see Brady play already??!!! I will sell my house and car and pay the Jet’s player that ends Tebow’s season!!!

  • KiraRaymond

    Why can’t a jets defensive LB kick the shit out of Tebow, break a limb and finally we can see Brady play already??!!! I will sell my house and car and pay the Jet’s player that ends Tebow’s season!!!