Grateful To Be A Broncos Fan

Happy LeBron Day.

Geez, watching Sports Center this morning briefly made me forget that football is still going on.

Imagine if Tim Tebow had been drafted by the Jaguars, played for them for 7 years winning two MVP’s, and then decided to take his talents to Minnesota. Hence, the conniption in Cleveland.

I understand where they’re coming from as a major sports city that hasn’t seen a championship of any kind in 46 years. That’s just as depressing as the winter weather up there.

In October, Sporting News came up with their list of Best Sports Cities in America. The list goes beyond the number of championships. It combines records, post-season appearances, number of teams, and attendance for all of the teams in a particular city. Here’s the top 10:

1. Chicago + Evanston

2. Boston

3. Los Angeles

4. Philadelphia

5. Dallas + Fort Worth

6. New York

7. Phoenix + Tempe

8. Atlanta

9. Denver + Boulder

10. Detroit+ Ann Arbor + Ypsilanti

The Broncos certainly help make Denver one of the top sports cities in America. All of their home games have been sold out since 1970, and they’ve won two Super Bowl Championships. Since the team was established in 1960, they’ve made 20 post season appearances, and have been the AFC Champions six times. 

It’s no wonder that Broncos’ fans are so dedicated. The team has such a great history with three Hall of Fame players and tremendous coaches.

That’s why these past two seasons have been especially tough on fans. With a combined 11-16 record and no relief in sight, it’s understandable for people to be upset.

As you cringe through the rest of this season, just be thankful for one thing: You’re not a sports fan in Cleveland.

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