Philip Rivers … The QB You Love To Hate

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Oct 10, 2010; Oakland, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers (17) throws a pass during the game against the Oakland Raiders at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. The Raiders defeated the Chargers 35-27. Photo via Newscom


I despise Philip Rivers. I really do. And I suppose that’s the best form a flattery a fan from a rival team can offer up.

I think he’s arrogant. I think he’s a whiner. I think he’s “this close” to sprouting red horns and a tail and opening a hole at midfield that leads straight to Hell.

Oh, and he’s a hell of a quarterback, whether you like the guy or not. Just ask the Broncos, who experienced a handful of lost seasons of late at the hands of this egomaniac. Granted, much of the Broncos’ late-season undoing in recent years can be traced to poor defense, an inability to score in the red zone and the general exposure of a team that, honestly, didn’t deserve to be a post-season contender. But Phillip Rivers always seems to be there ready to stick the fork in our beloved Donkeys… he’s the chef who makes the final determination in the Broncos’ recent seasons. They’re done when he says they’re done.

Rivers and his loud mouth–he’s a taunter and I know in my heart that Karma will one day shut his pie-hole for all of us who just can’t stand him–are underrated around the league, although he’s finally starting to earn mention in the same breath as Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and the guy he replaced–Drew Brees. Rivers is likely the sole reason the Chargers have dominated a dismal AFC West in recent years–without him in the lineup, it’s very likely the Broncos would have a pair of AFC West titles under their belts (and, let’s face it, a pair of early exits in the wildcard round). Rivers gives the Chargers exactly what they need to win when it matters–a little energy, a little purpose … someone to follow. He’s a great leader.

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  • Philiprules

    You just hate him because he called out your whiny butt punk of a QB before you guys finally realized you had a whiny but punk at QB and shipped him off to Chicago.

  • Jason

    In defense of Rivers, he is a family man with 4 kids who doesn’t cheat on his wife and doesn’t use bad language and works with his wife helping orphaned children through his foundation. I wish he would get more credit for those things, although he brought it on himself with his trash talking.

  • CCrab

    I’d really like to help you out with your hatred problem, but honestly, you provide 0 evidence to support your claim that he is egotistical, etc. Other than have a hissy fit and throw the ball into the ground when SD gets procedure or expired time penalities, the guy seems squeaky clean. I have heard people allude to his chattering to other players during a game, but have never heard what those words contain. What type of character would you prefer in your quarterback? Is his hair too short? Brother….

  • upacreek333

    Hey folks… If you bothered to read the post, you’ll note that I’ve conceded several good things about the guy–he’s a hell of a quarterback, a good leader and the bane of the Broncos’ existence. THAT’s why I can’t stand him! It’s football, people … I love my team, and despise those who stand in their way (and, lately, that’s a long list of folks).

    Congrats on having Phil the Pill in San Diego–pardon me, while I root against him.

  • Eric

    i can understand disliking the guy if you’re a broncos fan, but seriously don’t trash the man’s character when you don’t even know him. He is a devout Catholic and a loving husband and father. The man spends his free time helping orphaned children find new homes. To say he’s arrogant, whiny, and that karma “will take care of him”. buddy, the man probably has done more good for other people than you ever will. Does the man talk, yes, some people call that competitiveness. but i seriously doubt he’s arrogant.

  • TC

    I hated Elway the whole time but I respected how dangerous he was especially in the last two minutes. What goes around comes around. We were right on Cutlet though. Orton has you guys flying.

  • Cameron

    I am a chargers fan an that was a good read. i can understand not liking a player of a rival team. i did want to point out (as someone did earlier) to the fact that off the field Rivers is a very very good person. If you hear him in his interviews he never takes credit when they win and always takes the blame when they lose. he drives a mini van and is a devote catholic total family man.

  • Eric

    and just for the record, i may not be philip’s best friend or anything but yea i met the guy and he’s an awesome human being. it’s thanks to his foundation that my sister and brother-in-law were able to adopt their beautiful daughter. so pardon me if i take your shots at a good man a little personally.

  • http://Signon JJ

    Of course we read your column. The problem is you have all the “facts” wrong. You really don’t know Rivers at all if you depict him as a brash, loud-mouth, devilish character. Look at his interviews, his charities, and the respect he’s getting around the NFL. Your writing is really baseless character assassination piece. And you wonder why people despise Bronco fans?

  • mud

    lol someone read this wrong

    the author compliments rivers a lot in this. the first part he is being an irrational homer who sees trash talking arrogant rivers on the sideline and the second part is more realistic (e.g. he’s a great leader).

    i totally agree with this article. i’m sure he is a great guy but the on-field flip outs and classic laserfaces bring him to a cartoonish level, and i can’t think of anyone more fun to hate than philip rivers. i would love to have the guy if he were on my team…but as he is awesome and not on my team, i can’t stand him