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Football Ramblings

I’m throwing a twist into this week’s Broncos Ramblings and going with more of a general Football Ramblings edition. Here are some thoughts on the game I love:

  •  Football is great because you can be happy in the cold, dark winter days by embracing non-stop wing specials, drinking all day on Sunday’s, and watching your friends turn into armchair athletes as soon as a play goes wrong.
  •  The last 15 minutes of a football game are counted down in dog years, thus delaying Sunday chores until next weekend. What could be better?
  •   Just because I’m a girl and a huge football fan doesn’t make me strange. You being a guy and hating football, yeah that makes you strange.
  •  I never want summer to end, but I can’t wait for football to start.
  •  Whenever I feel that pain from looking over my shoulder too fast when driving, I always imagine that a “stinger” hurts five times worse than that.
  •  I really want there to be a penalty box in football just for theatrics. Ochocinco in the box would be pure entertainment.
  • It’s pretty much a written law that a fumble must lead to a pointing match.
  • During football season, Monday’s should be a complimentary day off of work. If your team plays on Monday Night Football, the same thing applies to Tuesday.
  • Like poker, I wish I could play fantasy football for a living.
  • Just like defensive players flex muscles and scream to get more attention, I wish I could jump on my desk and point skyward after logging on to my email account.

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