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  • Brandon Marshall’s third off season surgery in three years is boosting the confidence of residents on Revis Island. I’ve heard that Newark Airport will be littered with McDonald’s bags and television sets come December. Is it a coincidence that Marshall had his surgery just two weeks ago rather than when the season ended with a new potential contract hanging over his head? I think not.
  • Here in Denver, we like to think there’s a serious QB competition going on. Josh McDaniels doesn’t think that’s the case in the short term, however. He maintains that Orton is his starter while the other three QBs continue to learn the system. We’ll see how much hoopla there is surrounding Orton’s status as soon as fans turn out for training camp and witness the preseason games. My prediction is that there will be a Tebow chant as soon as Orton throws an INT. And he thought Chicago was a rough town to play in! 
  • T.O. going TO Oakland? That would be a dream come true. This is just a rumor for now, but there’s no better person to stick the dagger in Owens’ career than the Crypt Keeper himself. Al Davis and crew had a respectable draft, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him pull one of his off-the-rocker desperation moves this time of year. He’s the captain of crazy town and perhaps wants to shed the volatile image he had with another veteran diva wideout in Randy Moss. Go ahead, Davis. Bring T.O. to Oakland. It will make the Broncos corners’ jobs much easier.  
  • It’s been brought to my attention that a group in Florida have declared themselves BroncoGators. I hear the mammal keeps one eye on land and one eye in the water, following the Denver Broncos on land and the Florida Gators in the water. They are fans of Tebow and the Gators that want to continue to support him in his quest for success as a pro. It makes sense considering the Jaguars have trouble filling their stadium and fans only need to switch shades of orange and blue. To the BroncoGators following here, welcome aboard!
  •   The late season skid marks we saw out of the Broncos last year are said to be completely preventable, especially with the new defensive group we have up front. Brain Dawkins has become a believer in new defensive coordinator Don “Wink” Martindale’s approach. If Dawkins gives the thumbs up this early on, then improvement must be on the way.
  • Mike Shanahan picked up the Broncos perceived “throw-away” when the Skins’ signed Vonnie Holliday. Holliday started in three games last season and posted five sacks. I think he was a good pick up for Shanahan who is implementing the 3-4 in Washington. 
  • Finally, now that school is out for the summer, Broncos rookies are allowed to work out at Dove Valley. While college classes were still going on, the rookies were not allowed to work out at the team’s facility. I wonder if another rookie session at Red Rocks Amphitheater is just around the corner. Get that altitude edge.

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