Josh McDaniels High On Tim Tebow: Orton Out?

There isn’t much too talk about with the Broncos voluntary mini camp still a week away. The only thing that can be discussed is the team’s ongoing QB controversy.

Long before the draft, there was a proposal (ring and all), a wedding, and a honeymoon. When the Broncos drafted Tim Tebow with the 25th pick in the first round, the marriage between Josh McDaniels and Tebow was off and running.

McDaniels has made it clear that he hasn’t been as passionate about a QB since Tom Brady.

“When Tom (Brady) came to us in 2001, I wasn’t on the offensive side of the ball, but I can remember the feeling in the building was that he had something that nobody else had . . . and how strongly he felt that ultimately he would be a great player. It was obviously apparent in subsequent seasons.

When speaking about Tebow, McD said,

“That confidence affects everybody. We could see it last week at rookie camp. There were a bunch of rookies out there with no confidence, except him. He’s got such confidence that he will just not let himself fail.”

Coach McD went on to say,

“And that quality sometimes is very underrated. There are people with a great deal of God-given ability who are fun to watch, and it’s really interesting to see what kind of seasons they’ll put together. Then there are guys who will say they won’t fail, our team’s not going to fail, and they have a ‘I’m not going to let you down’ attitude. And that’s what you notice with Tim.” (Denver Post)

 Is Tebow the second coming of J.C. T.B. (Tom Brady)? We’ll have to wait and see on that one, but in the meantime, what do the Broncos do with their other QBs?

We have to believe that Kyle Orton is not the future of the franchise. After McD told the media that Orton was the team’s starter next season, the Broncos went on to trade for Brady Quinn and then draft Tebow in the first round. To me, that says Orton is on his way out the door sooner rather than later. Yes, Orton led the team to a 6-0 start last season and had the best statistical season of his career, but the 2-8 finish put pressure on McD to take drastic measures. As Tebow fan and Denver Post columnist, Woody Paige notes,

“Orton has said publicly he had a “good season,” and others have agreed with the assessment — based on 21 touchdown passes, 12 interceptions, 3,802 yards passing and a shocking 6-0 start.

The Broncos lost eight of their final 10, and in those games Orton had 12 touchdown passes, 11 interceptions and 2,337 yards. In nine games last season, the Broncos’ offense didn’t score more than 20 points.” (Denver Post).

I believe the true competition during summer camp will be between Quinn and Tebow. Unproven veteran vs. college proven rookie. McD will wait to see how Quinn and Tebow adjust to running his offense and make his initial decision based on that. Both QBs are somewhat familiar with McD’s style (a plus for bringing both aboard), and should pick up at least where Orton left off.

Last year’s 6th round draft pick, Tom Brandstater, will again be last in line to take a snap. He will continue to develop and I foresee him being a solid backup QB one day.

It’s going to be fun to watch the head to head battles. Competition is only going to improve the QB position that is so highly regarded here in Denver. The revolving QB door has got to come to a halt one day for the Broncos to have any chance at a return trip to the Super Bowl.

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