For Better Or Worse: Broncos Grab Headlines In 1st Round

Our first two new draft picks have a lot to live up to. They are seemingly the possible replacements for two incredible players that once donned a Broncos uniform. The Broncos have been trying to fill the John Elway void for over a decade now. Griese, Plummer, Cutler, Orton, and the list goes on and on. Who would have thought that the #15 jersey that the Broncos just tossed into the Dove Valley washing machine last week could be filled out with arguably the best college quarterback in history?

I think the Broncos knocked the first round out of the park. It was a Babe Ruth, point into the stands homerun that no one predicted would happen. Touchdown Tim and Destructive Demaryius are now Broncos. They are a future one-two punch that will have heads spinning and fans forgetting about the departure of the most recent Josh McDaniels kick to the curb, one-two punch that we had in Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall.

As a Broncos fan, you either love or hate what the Broncos did in primetime Thursday. Many wanted the team to go with defense with the 11th pick. Most of those people wanted Crimson Tide standout, Rolando McClain. However, he was taken by the Raiders at #8 (actually a sound pick for old man Davis). Makes me wonder if McClain was still available, would the Broncos first round look much different? In an interview, Josh McDaniels said this about their selection process:

“Some of them you discuss leading up to the draft, but most of ours were either right when we were on the clock, or arranged slightly prior to us being on the clock.” (Denver Post)

I think once McClain was out of the running, the Broncos front office turned their heads toward offensive improvement. They traded their first round pick multiple times, eventually winding up with the 22nd and 25th selections in the draft. I’m sure the Broncos stockpiled their long distance minutes to stockpile the draft.   

At the 22nd spot, the Broncos picked up who many experts said was the second best receiver in the draft, Demaryius Thomas. It’s thought that Thomas will be Brandon Marshall’s replacement. He’s got the size of a “Beast”, has better downfield speed, and a better reputation off the field. I really thought the Broncos were going to select Dez Bryant with that pick considering Bryant is the best receiver in the draft and Josh McDaniels praised him after he worked out with the team. It turns out that was just another smokescreen by McD. Instead the Broncos got Thomas and the folks over at Jerry’s World selected Dez Bryant. The Cowboys say that they didn’t select Bryant to try to make amends for passing on Randy Moss 12 years ago, but I have trouble believing them.

That was a solid pickup in the first round for the Broncos, but they still had more work to do before the night was over. In exchange for the 43rd pick (the Marshall pick), the 70th pick (3rd round) and their fourth round pick, they got Baltimore’s 25th selection. The rest, as they say, is history. Hopefully, a Super Bowl winning,  Hall of Fame inductee type of history when we look back on his NFL career many years down the road. The QB that so famously wore an orange and blue uniform at Florida will wear the same colors here in Denver. Tim Tebow traded sea level training for high altitude, “can’t get air into my lungs” training, sandy beaches for rocky mountains, sun for snow, and zero positional competition for strap on your work boots and get going type of competition. 

For the people that don’t like the Tebow selection because they think that he’s not capable of being an NFL QB, hold your horses. He’s not starting just yet. There’s no pressure for him to come in right away and take over the job. With McDaniels as his coach and Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn in front of him, he’s  got a lot of people to learn from.  Tebow is McD’s nuclear bomb in the works. It’s not built in a day, but when it does go into action, the effects will be felt around the league. Being a QB coach was McD’s bread and butter. His success in that area helped him get his first head coaching job. He knows the position and he knows when a player is capable of succeeding in that position at the pro level. It’s in that area that I have confidence in him.

I see Tebow securing a starting job in 2011 or 2012. Until then, he will be used in the Broncos offense in unusual/surprising ways. He could run the Wildcat, or even play some half back or tight end. Dude’s a big guy and he’s willing to work to play the game he loves.

I really liked seeing his enthusiasm last night when he was on the phone with McDaniels. He truly wants to play and succeed at this level. Who’s to say he won’t. Give it a chance.

What do you think, Bronco Nation. Leave a comment below voicing your opinion on the Broncos first two selections.

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