Marshall Traded To Miami: Dez Bryant A Good Possibility

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Brandon Marshall traded in the snow capped mountains for a hot sandy beach. He’s in the 305, not the 303 anymore. Zip codes aside, it didn’t take long for a deal to be worked out once the Broncos slapped the $2.5 million tender on him. Marshall is probably one happy guy now that he’s back in the same state that he played college ball in, and working for a guy like Bill Parcells who’s willing to take a chance on controversial receivers (e.g. T.O., Keyshawn Johnson, etc.).

“The Beast” however, is going to be tested like never before. Miami where MoneyIsAMajorIssue is similar to Las Vegas where temptation runs rampant. The dollar bill is valued more there than in a city like Denver or Buffalo. I do believe that Marshall is on the right track, but it wouldn’t surprise me if trouble finds him again.   

It was thrilling for the Broncos fans to watch Marshall over the past four seasons. Despite his off the field troubles, he came to play in every game that he suited up for. He wasn’t the kind of guy that took a play off because the ball wasn’t being thrown his way. He will truly be missed by the fans regardless of the organization’s view on him.

I knew Marshall would be leaving the team right after the season ended, but I don’t think it’s all because of the rift between player and coach. The Broncos finished 8-8 as they saw their playoff berth taken from them as easily as it is to take candy from a baby. The team couldn’t score on offense, and was unable to hold anyone on defense. For a guy like Josh McDaniels, who doesn’t shy away from risk, he knew the team needed a core shake up. Not just a shake up, but a 10.0 earthquake rattling destructive force that has been heard across the nation. The aftershocks are still being felt here in Denver as the draft approaches. 

With the trade, the Broncos now have two 2nd round picks (the 43rd and the 45th). They have the 11th pick in round 1. Now that Marshall is gone, the Broncos will probably select WR Dez Bryant from Oklahoma State in the first round. He is visiting the Broncos today (very timely). Let’s hope that he remembers his cleats. I did a post a couple of weeks ago about Bryant.

 “Bryant has good size (6′2”, 220 lbs) and speed (4.52 in the 40). In 2008, Bryant had 87 receptions for 1,480 yards and 19 TDs. In the three games he played in 2009, he had 17 receptions for 323 yards and 4 TDs. However, one issue that teams are struggling with is his character off the field. Bryant was suspended by the NCAA his senior year due to allegedly training with former NFL player, Deion Sanders.  Additionally, while Bryant was attending OSU, he skipped classes and meetings, and was late to games.”

Many teams see Dez Bryant as a phenomenal talent, but are reluctant to draft him because of a history of problems away from the football field. If we essentially traded Marshall for Bryant, didn’t we just trade in one problem for another? At least in Marshall, we have a guy who knows the system and has proven himself as one of the top 5 receivers in this league. I think Marshall also sowed his wild oats (at least in Denver - Miami is a different story) during his first couple of years in the league. You mean we may have to go through all that again with Bryant?    

 Do I agree with the move? No, not at all. No matter who we draft, our offense just got much worse. We didn’t even attempt to see what would happen with a Brady Quinn-Brandon Marshall combo. Before wheeling and dealing players so quickly, the Broncos need to step back, work with what they’ve got, and then evaluate for the future. Oddly enough, they’re doing that with Kyle Orton (so they say), but why couldn’t they do it with Marshall?

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  • nate

    so this puts us right on schedule to dump dumervill next offseason and clady or moreno the one after that right? i understand that the team needed a shakeup, and i fully supported the firing of shanny, but steps this team has taken in the wrong direction are frustrating. we still have a mediocre and aging defense, but we no longer have an offense that can hide it. to dump the 2 best, and extremely young i might add, players for future draft picks and a noodle armed qb is mind-boggling. it feels like mcd’s agenda has more to do with his control of the franchise rather than trying to win.

    • Kim Constantinesco

      Yes, this just proves that no matter how talented a player may be, he’s not untouchable in McD’s system. That won’t bring a franchise to the Super Bowl anytime soon.

      • nate


        makes me wonder if moreno, clady, dumervill and royal are all watching this. if they want to get paid, then they should just start rocking the boat a bit to ruffle the boy wonder’s feathers. they’ll get their paycheck in a different uniform…

    • Justin Stark

      AMEN BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kent sawatzky

    Jeez, louise, I thought it was a great deal for both. I don’t think Marshall wanted to be here and quite frankly I don’t want him here. He is one incident from a half season suspension. And how is he worth the pay of the best receiver in the game? No way! For all his 100 catch years where were the scores? I draft Bryant because he is a great talent. The so called off filed stuff to me is all fluff. Who cares that he worked out with Deion Sanders. That equates to bad character? Sounds like a guy to me that wants to be a pro baller. The Broncs have gotten two first rounders, two second rounders, a third and Kyle Orton for Cutler and Marshall and soon Scheffler will go. All these high picks will translate into a teams full of young stars. Give me that future over the old and stale of the last decade with the Broncos. I take the trade and stand behind the Broncos brain trust all the way!

  • Kim Constantinesco

    He wasn’t suspended for the majority of the college season because he went to Deion’s house, he was punished because he lied about it. I’m not trying to knock the guy, but his past history of skipping team meetings doesn’t make me feel great about drafting him. We all know that when young players who have a questionable history start making big-time bucks, off the field issues can arise. I hope you’re right about the high picks translating into a team full of starts. The Broncos have to hit it outta the park in this draft!

  • kent sawatzky

    What is funny to me is this talk of Denver getting rid of Pro Bowlers. That means nothing when half the players going to the pro bowl skip out anyway. Pro bowl talent means nothing. Now if both of these guys were all NFL players it would be a different thing. But neither is that good. And yes they need to hit it out in the next two drafts but it takes a few years for all these youngsters to get going so it is important to have patience.

  • Justin Stark

    I couldn’t agree more with you!

    Listen, I currently live in Sydney and have tried to keep up with all of the Broncos news. Could you answer me this? What are we (the fans) missing?

    A young boy wonder with no direct head coaching experience comes in thinking he has the street cred like his old teacher and starts trading young Pro Bowl players (Cutler/Marshall) left and right. What is Bowlen thinking?

    I realize he doesn’t want to cut his new coach at the knees in public but I can’t believe that Bowlen is just sitting back and watching young talent walk right out the door!

    At this rate the Broncos won’t be back in the serious post season hunt for years. Please explain what I am missing here.

    Thanks and Cheers

    Bronco down Under

  • Kim Constantinesco

    The only thing I can think of is Bowlen is in “change mode.” He’s got the type of thinking where any change is good since they haven’t been to the playoffs in years. I don’t understand it, but if this season goes down as another 8-8 year or worse, McD is probably Mc-gone.

  • BobUker

    So what he’s gone and didnt want to be here anyway. Let’s move on.