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  • I think it was a sign that Mike Shanahan brought  Donovan McNabb to D.C., thus freeing up Jason Campbell. Too bad Josh McDaniels has decided to stick with Kyle Orton and already brought in Brady Quinn. I wouldn’t complain if J.C. were in orange and blue this summer to compete for a starting job. Three and a half years of experience as a starter in the NFC East isn’t something you can let slide under the radar.
  • And with that trade, it pretty much ensures that Brandon Marshall won’t be playing for the Skins this year.
  • Is there any way we can work out a Tony Scheffler for Chris Cooley trade with Shanahan and the Redskins?
  • Brandon Marshall was taken off the market. No not the trade market – the dating market. He got married last week in a quiet ceremony. Good for Marshall. Maybe this is just another stepping stone on the path to maturity.
  • For the fantasy players out there, I’m telling you now that drafting Knowshon Moreno could be the best move you make. Moreno had a solid year last year considering he was a rookie and he didn’t participate in most of training camp because of a knee injury. Now that he has the full off season ahead, he’ll be ready to tear up some defenses come fall.
  • Most people agree that the Broncos got the better end of the Orton for Cutler trade based solely on Cutler’s poor performance last year. To be honest, it feels great that to say that. However, when speaking in terms of the future, I can’t be certain that the Broncos got the better deal. Unless Brady Quinn starts over Orton, and then turns into Tom Brady on steroids, the question marks will still loom surrounding the issue of “trade winner.”
  • Jason Elam wanted to retire as a Bronco, so why did he decide to leave Denver to play for Atlanta at the end of his career? Money sure is a motivating factor, isn’t it?
  • Tis the season for off season conditioning. There are voluntary workouts at Dove Valley and many big names have not shown their faces. That’s to be expected when a player’s contract is up and the future is in question. However, those players are without a doubt still working out on their own. One tip for the new guys to the roster: Take your workouts to Red Rocks Amphitheater. It’s a good way to adjust to the altitude and you’ll be ready for it when the strength and conditioning coaches bring you there during mandatory workouts.         

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