Bring Chelsea King Home

We watch and/or play sports as a way to escape the daily grind or deal with life crisis. Baseball resumed in NYC 10 days after the September 11th attacks when the Mets hosted the Atlanta Braves. The game helped heal small parts of a gaping wound for a city that believed that life would not go on just a week earlier.

We also use the athletic stage as a way to honor fallen individuals. The opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics was dedicated to Georgian luger, Nodar Kumaritashvili, who died on a training run just hours before the games kicked off. Former Arizona Cardinal, Pat Tillman, has a 5k run (Pat’s Run) dedicated to him as a result of his death in Afghanistan after putting his football career on hold to enlist in the military after the 9/11 attacks. 

Today, I’m going to pull you out of the sports world for just a bit to tune you in to something that needs attention. Here at Fansided, we take pride in the connectedness we have as writers. I was asked by one of our writers to help with a high school friend who went missing the other day.  Chelsea King went for a run in San Diego on February 25th, and never returned home. Here is the video he made for her:

If you have any information about her whereabouts, please contact the San Diego Police Department at (619) 531-2000. Here is a website devoted to Chelsea.

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  • skipmax

    IntegraScan Denied the Ability to Speak to Detectives Regarding Chelsea King Abduction has valuable information regarding the actual address of John Albert Gardner III, the suspect arrested for the disappearance of Chelsea King in San Diego County,California.

    (PRWEB) 1 March 2010 –, a background check company, contacted the San Diego County Sherriff’s Department this morning, March 1, 2010, regarding the Chelsea King and John Albert Gardner III case with valuable information on the current address of John Gardner III, but were denied the opportunity to provide this information to detectives working the case.

    After hearing about Chelsea King’s disappearance February 25th and the arrest of the sex offender, John Gardner III on Sunday, Integra Scan performed a search of their system for information on Gardner. The San Diego County Sherriff William Gore reported to the Associated Press that they arrested John Gardner III of Lake Elsinore, California. Lake Elsinore is located 75 miles north of where Chelsea King disappeared. However, Gardner’s actual address is on Rock Springs Rd in Escondido, California. Gardner lives a mere eight miles from the Rancho Bernando Community Park where Chelsea King was jogging and disappeared.

    When Integra Scan called the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department to report Gardner’s real address, they were denied the opportunity to speak with a detective by the operator. After questioning the operator (Operator 8) about whether or not they were still searching for Chelsea King, the operator confirmed that they were, but that it was not possible to speak to a detective regarding the case. This press release is a plea to the Sheriff to please contact us. We will gladly provide you with the information we have.

    In addition, Integra Scan has a full address history on Gardner dating back to 2000, as well as four photos, while the Office of the Attorney General only has one photo and the incorrect address for Gardner. The address history that Integra Scan has also shows that Gardner actually lived in Ranch Bernando in 2000, which suggests that he is very familiar with the Rancho Bernando Community Park and area.

    The San Diego Sheriff’s Department has stated that they have valuable evidence linking Gardner to the case, but we feel they are looking in the wrong location for Chelsea King. It is highly likely that additional evidence, and perhaps Chelsea King, could be located at his correct address of his Rock Springs Rd address.

    About Information regarding John Albert Gardner III was provided by a background check company.

  • Val


    Sadly, Ms. King was found in a shallow grave about 1/2 mile from where her car was found. If you google her name, you will be able to read the current news on the issue.

    However, in response to the previous post, the IntegraScan information is outdated, as Mr. Gardner had lived at the Rocks Springs address in 2000. He was arrested shortly thereafter and incarcerated for 5 years. He completed his probation in 2008. He lived in Lake Elsinore, but often visited his parents in R.B. without being required (under Megan’s law) to report the short trips.

    It makes sense that the Sheriff wouldn’t talk to third parties about his address when (1) he is required under Megan’s law to keep it current; and (2) the man was already incarcerated so his ‘current’ address was irrelevant; and (3) it is likely that the intake officer knew the current address via the APB and knew the provided information to be outdated.