John Elway VS. Brett Favre

Now that Brett Favre’s season, and possibly career is over, Patrick Saunders from the Denver Post gets the debate going. Who was the better quarterback – Elway or Favre?

Both QBs played with a lot of heart, and a type of reckless abandon. There are 7 Super Bowl appearances and 3 Super Bowl wins between the two of them. 

Brett Favre gets the nod for better numbers: 65,127 total yards, 464 TD passes, 310 INTs, and a QB rating of 85.4 isn’t too bad for a guy who’s played in 289 regular season games and 22 playoff games.

John Elway stands at 51,475 total yards, 300 TD passes, 226 INTs, and a QB rating of 79.9. Favre has played 35 more games than Elway thus far.

Favre and Elway are nearly neck and neck when it comes to interception frequency. Put the two guys in a playoff game against eachother and you can bet one of them would make a big mistake in the final minutes of a close game. It’s the type of thing that comes with gunslingers. They put a lot of money into the machine with the hopes of a big payout – on the flip side, they can lose big too.

Maybe that’s why we rarely see a team with a mediocre QB make it to the Super Bowl. Look at this year’s matchup, look at last year’s. The guys that take risks come up on success eventually while the conservative QBs go 8-8 and huddle around the TV during the playoffs.

Back to the debate. Who’s the better QB? Who would you rather see lead your team out of the tunnel?

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