The Chiefs Could Put An End To Broncos Season

The Chiefs could be the team standing between the Broncos and a playoff spot. I’m not joking with that statement. Yes, the 3-8 team from Kansas City could hold the Broncos back.

Here it is, December 2nd, and the two AFC West teams meet for the first time this season on Sunday. These two teams aren’t much different from eachother. Both are rebuilding, both hired new head coaches, and both put their faith in the hands of young, one-time backup QBs. The difference is the Broncos have veteran leadership on defense. Back to my former point, however. The Chiefs could put the hammer down on the Broncos season.

The Chiefs are a better team than their record suggests. They beat the Steelers and the Redskins, which is something the Broncos weren’t able to do. They went into overtime against the Cowboys, and their game against the Ravens was closer than the Broncos game was against those dirty birds.

The Chiefs and the Broncos square off for the last time this season in 2010, the last week of the regular season.  Just like the Broncos, the Chargers’ next 3 0f 5 games should be sure fire wins. Therefore, the Broncos-Chiefs final match-up could be a do or die game for the Broncos. The Chiefs have nothing to lose during these final games. They’re not going to the playoffs this year, so some risky play calling is warranted just to expose young players to different situations. They’ve got some great talent on both sides of the ball. All it takes is for them to catch the Broncos on an off day, which isn’t too far and in between these days, and they can come away with a win or two.

I hate thinking this way, but I’m just being realistic. Josh McDaniels gave his team four days off after their Thanksgiving win. Last time the Broncos had that much time off was during their bye week, and we all know how they fared after that. Yes, the Broncos needed time to heal their wounds and rest their bodies before this final push in the regular season, but the extended time off scares me. It frightens me especially because the Broncos have a perceived “easy” game against the Chiefs. Nothing is easy at Arrowhead, and there haven’t been too many wins that have come easy for this year’s Broncos squad. With that said, Sunday’s game is a must win. I’m going to go ahead and chalk up a mark in the loss column for their game at Indy. Losing two in a row at this point in the season, after digging their way out of a four game skid, would kill the hopes of this team.

I don’t want to bring up last season, but I will. I know there are two different teams on the field this year for the Chiefs and Broncos, but last season, the Broncos won their first three games. Then, they went into Arrowhead and lost 33-19. Lately, the Chiefs have been the needle to the Broncos’ inflated balloon.   

Like they say: Anything can happen on any given Sunday. This team is not to be taken lightly.

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  • thebaseballfish

    The only thing standing in the way of a Broncos win on Sunday is the Broncos themselves. The Chiefs simply can NOT beat another team in the NFL unless the opposition makes a bunch of mistakes.

    I’ve endured at least part of every Chiefs game this year and they are not better than their 3-8 record suggests. In fact, they are not as good as a 3-8 team. The only team KC could play and I would feel comfortable picking them, home or on the road, would be the Cleveland Browns and that one might be a push. Being a Kansas City resident, I want nothing more than the Chiefs to pound the Donks into the group, but I’m also a realist and know what this team is right now.

    Generally I would put some stock in the Arrowhead advantage, but the 2009 Chiefs are actually better on the road than they are at home. Not surprisingly, based on the record the last several years, the fans aren’t exactly showing up either. Most of the ones that do are there for the tailgate more than the game. Hell we here in KC tailgate for Royals games, so at least we can do that right!

    Anything can happen in the NFL, but Denver fans it’s okay. You CAN take this team lightly. Take care of the ball, enjoy racking up 400-500+ yards of offense, and you will have yourself a nice and easy win on Sunday.

  • Kim Constantinesco

    Hope you’re right!

  • Dennis Mitchell

    I think the one thing this Bronco team has done this year is learned from mistakes. I think the entire coaching staff has warned the team about be lazy after this break and I can bet the team itself is prepared to challenge each other if they see less than 100% effort from anyone.

    I am concerned about this game because I am concerned about every game. Washington proved no game is safe because of the opponent, but I believe we will win this on defense alone if necessary.

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  • Randy

    I do not think the chiefs have a bad team. ive seen herman edwards take a less talented roster to the playoffs his first year with KC. I think Kansas city just has some bad coaches. Argue with me all you want. But ive seen the chiefs make some great plays this year, and instead of building off of those plays and those players strengths we immediately go to something else. I’ve seen other teams repeat a play that works several times on one drive. The chiefs biggest weakness is that we have a coach who waits til sunday to practice (being a coach)

  • Kim Constantinesco

    Haley is handsdown a better coach than Herm was.