Why Being A Broncos Fan Is Better Than Being A Steelers Fan

Here are 10 good reasons:

1. People from Pittsburgh only know two Hawaiian words: 1. Aloha 2. Polamalu.

2. When Ben Roethlisburger went down on his motorcycle, the thing fans worried about most was his mental capacity dropping to Terry Bradshaw’s level.

3. Kicker Jeff Reed gets angry when he doesn’t see terrible towels in PA bathrooms.

4. The only thing uglier than Roethlisburger’s beard is the field at Heinz Field.

5. The Steelers don’t have cheerleaders. Instead, they have shirtless overweight men with boobs bigger than any cheerleader.

6. You’ve got Big Ben, and he can’t tell time.

7. It’s only when you put 50 Steelers fans in a room together do you get a full set of teeth.

8. The only reason Heinz Field kept its natural grass is so the Steelers’ linemen would have something to graze on.

9. Santonio Holmes’ post football venture: A marijuana brownie mix. Find it in the potluck section of your grocery store.

10. Denver’s mayor doesn’t have a divisional rival’s name in his name. Mayor Luke Ravenstahl had to change his name to Steelerstahl when the Ravens and Steelers played eachother.

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