Why Being A Broncos Fan Is Better Than Being A Patriots Fan

Each Wednesday, I poke a little fun at the Broncos’ opponent and their fans. This week, we’ve got the folks from New England up on the stage of public humiliation. They can take it. For the past 8 years, that area of the country has been considered Pleasantville in the sports department. The Red Sox, the Celtics, and of course, the Patriots have won Championships. They need some humble pie. With that said, here are 10 reasons why being a Broncos fan is better than being a Patriots fan.

1. We don’t have to use the word “wicked” to describe a great play.

2.  When Tom Brady proposed to super model, Giselle Bundchen, he asked to borrow a ring from the ’08 Giants.

3. Randy Moss is writing his entire life story with a box of crayons.

4. A hoodie isn’t considered formal wear on the Denver sideline.

5. Seeing a lobster at a tailgating party makes about as much sense as seeing Mike Shanahan and Al Davis sip out of the same milkshake glass.  

6. The Boston Patriots became the New England Patriots in 1970 just to get more fans.

7. When Tom Brady gets asked to do high profile underwear campaigns, everyone asks why? We’ve already seen photos of him being undressed by the Giants defense.

8. We don’t have to pay $50 to pahk the cah at Gillette Stadium. That’s just retahded!

9. Rodney Harrison retired and became a broadcaster with NBC. He got in with the network so quickly because people know if you’ve played for Belicheat, I mean Belichick, you know a thing or two about being on camera.

10. The Patsies mascot looks like Clark Kent and Jay Leno’s love child.

Go Broncos!

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  • Patriots will kill you pussies

    You suck….

    Lobster is good and you know it.

    Number 10 is hilarious.

  • Chris Simoneau

    yeah, we used cameras, you guys just cheated the salary cap to win your back to back

  • Charlie Jones

    Did Coach McDaniels not get the memo on #4?

  • Kim

    McD is 1-2 with the hoodie and 4-1 without. It’s not a staple for him

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  • http://www.sell-sport.com www.sell-sport.com

    go brady!